2019 Most Popular Cake Trends in Singapore

Wedding Cake Pops

Cakes are the most delicious dessert around for a very long time. It is a symbol of celebration. Cupcakes, birthday cakes, chocolate cakes, wedding cakes, brownies, there is something for every occasion, celebration or ceremony you can name. Hundreds of cake recipes are available and some of them are even older than a century. That being said, the taste and aesthetics of us humans have evolved, so does the different flavors and designs of a cake. New cake trends have been emerging recently and this article is all about that. Not only the taste but also the design and outlook of a cake is getting a modern touch. It’s high time to discuss some of the most popular cake trends in 2019!

Money Pull Cake

Money Pull Cake

Money cake is on top of the latest cake trends, it lets you count something more than calories, real money! It’s basically a 4d-themed cake that can dispense money all on a sudden. As a result, you not only get to taste delicious creamy, baked cakes but also you get a pleasant surprise with some real currency. The dispensing method of the money can vary from pushing a single button to pulling a money roll, but the fun is all but guaranteed. If you have some experience in baking and a hobby in making cakes, you can even try this as a DIY project. There are quite a few instructional articles and video tutorials available online on how to make a surprise money cake. 

Ondeh Ondeh Cake

Ondeh Ondeh Cake

Ondeh Ondeh cake is getting international attention recently. It is a delicious traditional snack which has coconut as a primary ingredient. Add caramel filling, tasty palm sugar, buttercream with shredded coconut on the outer layer and, voila! You get all the main ingredients for Ondeh Ondeh cake! These tropical cupcakes are so delicious that one bite is all you need to order for the next one! This traditional cake is getting more attention worldwide and many modern recipes for newer Ondeh Ondeh are out in the corner. Some of them are topped with vanilla-flavored ice cream, which takes the taste of desiccated coconuts to a whole new level. Some other recipe has small shards of palm sugar crystals embedded within. This makes the cake more crumbly when you’re having a bite. Furthermore, people are interested in Ondeh Ondeh French Toast too! Whatever the form or flavor may be, Ondeh Ondeh cake is among the best cake trends of 2019 for sure.  

Abstract Style ButtercreamAbstract Style Buttercream Cake

Leonardo da Vinci was many things including an inventor, engineer, architect, and designer. In fact, he was the first one to think a model of a helicopter. However, he was most famous for his painting. Now, we don’t know if he was innovative enough to paint a cake with colorful butter but in today’s world, abstract style painting with buttercream is a very popular trend in recent days. It puts a  new artistic expression on the top layer. Various ways are available to use buttercream for decorating and making a cake even more delicious. Creating a cake canvas and applying buttercream flowers, arrange blossoms on branches is quite common these days. However, abstract painting with buttercream is probably the latest cake trend. Simplicity and effectiveness make this trend even more popular. A palette knife and some buttercream is enough to express your inner creativity. 

Hand Painted Text and Illustrations

Hand painted Cake

This cake style trend is quite similar to the previous one. Just like the abstract style, it’s fairly easy to create if you know how to frost a cake with buttercream. To begin with, you can find a lot of sample for hand-painted cake text illustrations, drawings and clip-arts for free online. Or you can come up with your own design as recent cake artists are often going freestyle when it comes to cake decorating. Some use edible paint and a brush to let go of the traditional styling and embrace the modern cake illustrations. This cake trend seems to be very popular for its flexibility and effectiveness. Use handwritten message and unique designs to add a personal vibe to the cake you make.

Ferns, Leaves and Herbs

Rustic Cake

Another unusual way to decorate the cake is to add some greenery to it. “Go Green” is the new motto of the world. So, why not add some touch of green to your cake as well? Adding some floral decorations on wedding cakes, especially during summer, enhance the color, elegance and total aesthetics of the cake design giving it a rustic look. One can simply use the traditional flowers or foliage and that’ll serve the purpose for sure. But, using fern leaves, eucalyptus sprigs and fragrant herbs you can give a fantastic touch to the cake’s finishing and make it even more exotic. One thing is to keep in mind about the source of those ferns, leaves or herbs though. You should never eat any leaves or ferns if you’re not sure about their sourcing as not all of them are edible and some could even be poisonous.

Wedding Cake Pops

Wedding Cake Pops

We are almost at the end of our list for best cake trends and we’d like to finish this with a very popular trend, wedding cake pops. No bridal shower or wedding reception is complete without the presence of a cake, and wedding cake pops are the new trend on these occasions. Almost everyone loves a cake pop and cake pops are making their way into the wedding buffet tables as well. So, this trend is definitely is a beautiful one. Any creative baker would love to bake cake pops as they are really simple but super fun to make and you have myriad of opportunities to be creative with it. Cake pops can be served in any wedding parties. Some couples are even giving them priorities over traditional wedding cakes. So, wedding pop cakes are here to stay! 

These are our picks for the cake trends of 2019 among many other favorite cakes. Trends are something meant to be changed with time. So, don’t forget to taste them before the trend changes. If you like to make a cake, why don’t you go with the flow too? Hundreds of tutorials and recipes are available online, do give them a try and share your results with us. Last but not the least, how do you like our collection? Let us know for sure!

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