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Kaya Swiss Rolls Rich and Good Cake Shop

When our “cake-aholic” self gets upset, the best way to overcome that is definitely with Cakes! In Singapore, we have many choices on hand to but considering the options for collection, taste and price, we found Rich and Good Cake Shop as a Paradise for cake lovers, especially Swiss Rolls. Every time we enter the shop, it gives us a traditional but progressive feeling.  It’s like you go there, wait in a queue, buy your cake and voila! Your happiness is in your hand!

Rich and Good Cake Shop Outlet

We have checked in several times at Rich and Good Cake Shop located at 24 Kandahar Street, Singapore. The shop gives a regular outlook, a bit old fashioned. It’s like they are not trying to impress you with fancy decorations! Rather, they put more effort on the quality of foods and service. They prefer to serve their customers more accurately and humbly than wearing a fancy dress for the service! This shop was founded in 1997 and they are offering their top class services for the last 22 years. They say their goal is, “To bring home-baked goodness to EVERYONE!”

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Presence of Rich and Good Cake Shop in the media

Now, let’s talk about the commodity that we are looking for. Yeah, you guessed it right, cakes! Rich and Good Cake Shop is among the very few shops in the whole Singapore which provide quality cakes at a reasonable price. They are offering different mouth-watering pastries. It’s time to go through some of them:

Swiss Rolls

Kaya Swiss Roll - Rich and Good Cake Shop

The Rich and Good Cake Shop is very much famous for their Swiss Rolls. They have got various types of these fluffy, delicious rolls at a different price range. On top of the list, they’ve got Red Velvet Swiss Roll which will cost you only $10. You can also buy Kaya, Durian, Mango, Orange or Green Tea flavored Swiss Rolls at the same price of $10 only. Hold on, don’t scroll down yet, the list is never ending! You will find Chocolate, strawberry, Coffee or Blueberry only for $9. Don’t get confused over these entire flavors, you can taste one at a time or all at once if you’re crazy about Swiss Rolls. But we’ll suggest you to try the Red Velvet and Kaya Rolls first. If you want to buy Kaya flavored rolls, then you must get it as early as possible because the Kaya Swiss Rolls made by Rich and Good Cake Shop is very popular over here and every pastry lover of the country goes for it at the early hour.


Walnut Cake - Rich and Good Cake Shop

The Rich and Good Cake Shop is also well known for their cakes, and they have a variety of options as well! You will find the cakes very delicious and useful, especially in the time of small family parties or occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. You can choose from their Walnut or Cream Cheese Carrot flavored cakes. These cakes are made in a round or square shape in a price range of $10-$22 according to size. They also make Pandan Chiffon Cake and Orange Chiffon Cake which will cost something between $5-$10.

Other Items

Beside the Cakes and Swiss rolls, they also produce some seasonal item known as Almond Squares and Pistachio Cornflakes. We were flattered by the taste of Almond Squares as we also liked nut very much. Though the price was around $12, the taste made it worth.

22 Years of Quality Service in Singapore

Rich and Good Cake Shop Background

Perfection comes with practice”, hardly anyone out there can deny this fact. And, The Rich and Good Cake Shop is a perfect example of it. Whenever you enter the shop, the presence of a fresh and sweet smell will fill up your mind. You will find the price chart on the entrance so that you can decide what to buy and eat standing in a queue if it’s a busy schedule. You can also ask the staff for any help or special requests. Their behavior will amuse you. They are very humble, polite, helpful and most importantly professional enough to take the customer’s opinion very seriously. The comfort of the customers is also essential to them. In a nutshell, the overall service and environment of Rich and Good Cake Shop is excellent and unique in Singapore.                          

Ordering and Delivery System

Though they do not offer online services, they are very active on Phone or WhatsApp. You simply can call them for pre-order. We’ll add their address and number below. Enjoy a free drop off for postal codes beginning with 01-08 if you order a minimum of $150 and they also provide free delivery in all areas for over $200 orders. But you have to place your order at least 3 days in advance as they want to make your order as perfect as possible and deliver the most delicious F&B item of Singapore at your doorstep just when you need!


Rich and Good Cake provide their services all around the week except Sunday and Public holidays.

Address:      24 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198887
Phone:         +65 6908 4089
Email:          richandgoodcakeshop@yahoo.com.sg
Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/richandgoodcakeshop/

That’s all from us about the Rich and Good Cake shop today. Do visit them sometime soon if you haven’t yet!

*Disclaimer: We do not have any affiliation with Rich and Good Cake Shop.

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