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Cat and the Fiddle

Only a visionary can perceive an idea which no other can and you need to be a visionary mastermind to know how to execute that idea in real life. Daniel Tay, the founder of Cat & the Fiddle, brought premium quality cheesecakes as a gift to Singapore. Today, we will get to know about this exceptional cakeshop.

Daniel Tay - Cat and the Fiddleimage credits: Cat & the Fiddle

Alongside founding Cat & the Fiddle, chef Daniel Tay is one of the most popular pastry chefs who inherited the art of classical French pastry as well as dessert making and implemented his wisdom in Singapore. Nearly 20 years of experience and Chef Tay’s vision to serve Cat & the Fiddle, promises exclusive premium cheesecake experience with the message of quality and availability for all income groups in Singapore. 


Cat & the Fiddle’s cheesecakes price varies on a lot of different parameters. Process of making, ingredients, richness, and quality are a few of them. Usually, the price starts from $38.90. Special moon cakes are a little costly as they start from $82.80 or $64.80. Their add-on decorations, flowers and merchandise section are really affordable and elegant. Every cake comes with a knife and you can customize your order on the basis of your need. You can add candles and other decorations form their brilliantly organized and cheap add-on section as well. 


Over The Moon Cheesecake - Cat and the Fiddle
image credits: Cat & the Fiddle

The Best-selling item from them is a classic New York cheesecake “Over the Moon”. 21 different flavor variation also includes grossing “The Modern Duke’s Pudding” which is  OREO Cookies & Cream flavored, “Naughty and Nice” chocolate flavor, “Maneki Neko” Tangy lemon & yuzu flavor, “Sweet and Smokey Taffy” salted caramel flavor and many more. Their cheesecakes come in 3 formats; baked, half baked and non-baked.

Fickle Feline - Cat and the Fiddle
image credits: Cat & the Fiddle

Last but not the least, one of their most famous product is the  “Fickle Feline”. It actually is an amalgamation of 10 slices of gourmet cheesecakes, each having a completely different flavor from the other, which are also free from any kind of alcohol. From different variations of cake slices, you can customize on your own too for only $52.90. Lots of different cakes to taste and more to explore in this segment will make your cheesecake experience a remarkable one. 

Taste and Ingredients

Their cheesecakes feature a dense feeling and soft moist structure which gradually soften during consumption. Cat & the Fiddle’s serving size starts from 7 inches, suggested serving size of 10 people per cake. All their cakes contain gluten, egg and dairy products like cheese, butter, heavy cream, whole milk, etc. If you’re worried about the preservatives then no, Cat & the Fiddle does not use any preservatives in their baking process. As per their saying, all the ingredients used in the cakes are well examined and carefully picked from the local market. The cream, eggs and cream cheese used in these cakes are pasteurized before the procedure.

Love for Humanity

Cat & the Fiddle not only bake cakes but also support the community. Helping stray cats through Cat welfare society, Aiding children in need, helping different people through SPD and the Purple Parade. 

Final Thoughts Before Signing Off

Variation and taste of the cakes from this shop will mesmerize you from the first bite for sure. Their collection is unique as well as rich in variety. You can easily order for your birthday parties, corporate occasions or just to taste at home with friends and family. Their easily operable website will reflect your cravings and a fast delivery or well-located pickup points will ensure your hunger don’t make you go spleen! Their unique customisable ‘Fickle Feline’ cake is an awesome addition for food lovers who like to play with their taste buds. You can customize your cake variants and order a cake of 10 slices of different flavoured cheesecakes. Want to go for normal Cheesecake or Moon cake? They are available too. Cat & the Fiddle allows you to add gifts and flowers as well as merchandise with your order. Worried about any last-minute call? Cat & the Fiddle got your back there as well!

Location and Operating Hours

Headquarter: Located at 8 burn road #01-01, Trivex, Singapore 369977. 

Flagship Outlet: Cat & the Fiddle has a flagship store which is located in the center at Clarke quay, 6 EU Tong Sen Street #01-41, Singapore 059817.

Other Locations: They also have mobile collection points island-wide where a freezer truck will deliver the cakes. From these points, you can pick up your cake free of charge. For retail collection, you have to order your cake 2 days prior. 

Operations Hours: 9 AM to 7 PM on weekdays, 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday & Sunday. 

Delivery Methods

The delivery system of Cat & the Fiddle can be sectioned into three methods:

  1. Regular Delivery This is charged at $6.90 but it’s free if you order more than $90 worth of cake. It’s available from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm. Those who are planners and not in a rush can use this delivery method.
  2. Flexi Delivery –  A popular option among many customers which costs $9.90 under $90 orders. It will decrease to $3 if the order is above $90. The delivery time slot is flexible too with only 2 hours gap between the slots. It covers the whole week so you don’t have to be tensed about your party.
  3. Same-Day Delivery – Last but not least, for those who are late-gamers or quick fixers. This service is also operable throughout the week and the rate is $13.90. For orders above $90, this decreases to $7.


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