Ugly Cake Shop Review

Ugly Cake Shop

Wait, what!? Did they just name their shop UGLY? Why? Well, we did find the reason after some research. The shop is more concerned about nutrient value than the outlook of their cakes. They do not just bake healthy happiness for us but also fill the plate of some unprivileged kids with necessary nutrients as the kids do not get proper nutrition from their daily meals. We are talking about one of the leading online cake delivery in Singapore, The Ugly Cake Shop!

About The Cake Shop

The journey began in 2013 with a dream to feed some needy kids in Timor-Leste! To fulfill their dream they came up with the idea of this cake shop named The Ugly Cake Shop. You might be wondering,” Why this name?” Well, they entered the cake business cakes with a mission to say NO to artificial coloring, fondant, gum paste or marzipan as they are quite unhealthy. They believe natural ingredients are more important for your health than the outer look of the cake. So, no matter how the cake looks (even ugly!), they prioritize the nutrition over it, hence the name.

Guardian Angel of The Kids From Shallom School

Since 2014, the owner of The Ugly Cake Shop is on a mission to help some hungry kids in Timor-Leste! Brazilian missionaries with the help and support of Agape Baptist Church, look after The Shallom School in Singapore. As it turns out, in the past the kids of the school did not receive enough nutrition in their daily meals. To address the matter, The Ugly Cake Shop has been contributing 20% of their profit to these kids! This amount is spent to meet the shortage of proteins for them. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Good, Better or Best in Singapore?

We will leave the judgment to you, but let’s have a look at what do they have for us in their basket!  It’s obvious, The Ugly Cake Shop is an F&B shop and they prepare cakes. But what’s so special about these cakes? First of all, they never use artificial coloring, they prefer buttercream to fondant as it contains a high amount of sugar, and they also make vegan-friendly cakes. We were fortunate to taste some of their featured cakes. Wondering how did it go? Here is the review:

Big Daddy & Nicholas!

Big Daddy Super Chocolate yCake with Nutella & Valrhona - Ugly Cake Shop









image credits: Ugly Cake Shop

As chocolate lovers, the first cake we ordered from The Ugly Cake Shop is the Big Daddy cake. It’s a mountain of chocolate, flavored with Nutella & Valrhona. Every bite of it will give you a tour of chocolate heaven even if you are not so fond of chocolates! Again another crazy chocolate cake we tried was Nicholas-Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Cake. This one was just WOW! They said it was made with cocoa powder frosted with dark chocolate ganache made with French chocolate. French or not, we were in love with this one.

Nicholas Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Cake - Ugly Cake Shop
image credits: Ugly Cake Shop

The Big Daddy Cake comes in two shapes, round and square. A 7-inch round-shaped will cost you S$55 and a 12-inch, 4-layer Square will cost you S$280. Quite similarly, a 7-inch Nicholas-Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Cake comes at a price of S$60 and a 10-inch cake will cost S$120. Which one is better? Try them yourself and let us know!

Customized cakes

Have you ever wondered what will be your kid’s reaction if he gets a totally customized cake only made for him on his Birthday? The Ugly Cake Shop will happily help you to make this happen. They offer this special service where you can order a cake of your choice in the shape and flavor you prefer. However, the minimum costing of these cakes starts at S$100. They also provide two or three-tier cakes suitable for Weddings or Anniversaries. Every cake they make is free from fondant and 3D figurines. But in case of Customized Cakes, you have to place your order at least 1 week earlier. Though, they prefer 2 weeks as they want to make an error-free, healthy and delicious cake. 

Vegan cakes

Zainasaurus Chocolate Vegetarian Vegan Cake - Ugly Cake Shop
image credits: Ugly Cake Shop

If you are worried about eggs or dairy products but still want to enjoy a cake then Zainasaurus Chocolate Cake is the best option for you! They do not use buttercream as well, that’s why this chocolate cake is completely free from egg and dairy products.

Cup Cakes

Cupcakes - Ugly Cake Shop
image credits: Ugly Cake Shop

The best thing about Cupcakes is it is easy to carry and relatively a better choice for pastry lovers like us when we are on a tight schedule. Cupcakes of The Ugly Cake Shop are offered in different flavors. We ordered 6 cupcakes of three different varieties (Big Daddy Jr, Vicki & Sandy). The taste of those cupcakes was as good as they looked. We didn’t see anything Ugly about them!

Things We Liked About them

  1. Obviously they are doing something good to make a better society. We must appreciate them and help them to keep up the good work.
  2. Though they are not Halal certified, all of their cakes are Muslim friendly. They don’t use pork, lard, alcohol or gelatin if not mentioned otherwise.
  3. They also have Vegan-friendly cakes and cupcakes. So, we could enjoy these egg-free cakes with a topping of bittersweet ganache and natural sprinkles.

That’s all we noticed about The Ugly Cake Shop. Please do comment if we missed something. Order more and more if you wanna join their noble works! You can contact them through their website.

Ugly Cake Shop

Address: GB Point, 535 Kallang Bahru, #01-06 Singapore.

Tel: +6582288300

Website: www.uglycakeshop.sg

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/UglyCakeShop/

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