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Have you ever experienced your emotions suddenly puffing up when you have pastries in front of you? The desire for sweets creates a barrier between you and everything around just for a spoonful of happiness? If these relate to you a lot, then you are sweet-toothed like us! We live so that we can have sweets! In Singapore, some people are working restlessly to make delicious, mouth-watering, tempting pastries for us. And PrimaDeli is Singapore’s first homegrown and longest-running bakery franchise. Below, there is a short review of our overall experience with PrimaDeli.

Bakers of Good Times!

PrimaDeli is Singapore’s first Halal bakery franchise and leading cake specialist. Their journey started in 1992 and since then, they have been serving us with their fabulous recipes. You will find their bakery outlets in major areas of Singapore. They are appreciated by the people of different races and cultures for their products and services. This trust and affection from their customers didn’t grow overnight. They are very cautious about every product they make as well as their behavior and the services they offer. This determination and tireless effort made them the leading F&B organization in Singapore!

Cakes, Cookies or Waffles?

We visited PrimaDeli not only because they have a wide range of collections of cakes including more than 150 varieties but also for the cookies and waffles which never failed to amuse by their taste and quality. Their cakes are perfect for any occasion, birthdays or anniversaries, you name it! 


PrimaDeli Cakes
image credits: Prima Deli

Worried about cakes for birthday, anniversary, family gathering or weddings? PrimaDeli got it all covered with a vast collection of cakes of different flavors like mango, berry, chocolate, kaya, and whatnot! These cakes come with a great look and extraordinary taste. Their Wedding Cakes are pretty famous in Singapore not only for the gorgeous look but also for the taste. 


PrimaDeli Cookies
image credits: Weekender

Cookies are considered as our daily necessary food items. From morning to late night gossip, a lonely road trip or an uninvited guest; cookies are our best friend in every situation. During our visit, we found the cookies made by PrimaDeli delicious and healthy as well. Especially Almond Cranberry Biscotti was the best. The Chicken Rendang Puff  is also something worth mentioning! They even have a fusion of our local delights with Laksa and Hainanese Chicken Rice Cookies, a unique creation! You simply can’t stop yourself after having one.

Waffles and Mooncakes

Prima Deli Mooncakes
image credits: Prima Deli

Mooncakes are one of their specialties, especially during the Mid-Autumn festival. They come in a wide variety of flavors and in all shapes and sizes as well. And there is nothing new to say about Waffles. They look golden on outside, fluffy and light on inside. The taste gets better with chocolate, cheese or kaya fillings as offered in the shop. 

Services and Offers!

The delivery system of PrimaDeli also amused us. They offer their services all around the year, even on holidays! On short notices, they will be at your doorstep with your orders. Though they prefer the order at least 48 hours in advance before the delivery time. If you take our suggestion, then confirm your order as soon as you can in times of Christmas or Mother’s day or any other occasion, as they go through a busy schedule. 

Order can be made by visiting their outlets, on their website or you can simply call them over WhatsApp. But whatever the process you select, you have to make the full payment upon ordering. You can also cancel your order if needed. Regular cakes can be canceled 72 hours before delivery which will charge S$5. Again 50% charge of the ordered product will be deducted if cancellation is submitted 48 to 72 before delivery.

About PrimaDeli & Prima Food Pte Ltd

PrimaDeli is an award-winning bakery chain service, offers a wide range of quality pastry products and premium services since 1992 in Singapore. PrimaDeli is managed by Prima Food Pte Ltd. They produce under Hazard Analysis Critical Control Standards (HACCS); as a result, their products free from chemical and biological hazards and they ensure premium quality foods for their customers.

Prima Foods also manages PrimaDeli Frozen Dough which is ideal for bakeries, food services, and catering operations. In addition, Prima Taste, another organization managed by Prima Foods offers famous Singapore dishes in the simplest form of Ready-to-Cook paste and premixes.

In a few words, we can say Prima Food has taken the F&B business of Singapore to another level.

Overall experience!

You can hardly find any error-free business anywhere around. But we found PrimaDeli giving much effort to improvise their services and products as much as they can to provide a better service. They make Halal foods and offer healthy treats that taste as good as they look. We were more comfortable ordering treats on their WhatsApp number as they are more active on WhatsApp. Their Cakes, Buns, Cookies and other food items were as good as promised. So, our experience with PrimaDeli was more than decent. Honestly, in Singapore for pastry items, we will recommend you to go for PrimaDeli if you are looking for worthy products for your family.


Phone:         6276 3333

Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/primadeli

Website:      http://www.primadeli.com


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