10 Best Online Cake Delivery Services in Singapore

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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, things have changed so dramatically that today, people think twice about going outside for shopping. A way to stay positive during this uncertain time is to celebrate every little occasion you have the chance to do so. 

Having said that, if there is one single item which has the purest of connections with a celebration, that must be the cakes! Cake is a must of item here, no celebration is complete with the absence of it. Fortunately for us, the people of Singapore, we have some of the incredible and most delicate cake delivery systems nationwide. Many of the famous shops offer cake delivery in Singapore, right at your doorstep.

From a birthday celebration cake to a special cake for festivals or any sorts of gathering or celebration, our island has them all. We have curated this list of top 10 cake delivery in Singapore with pure passion and solely based on user reviews and our own experience. To make your life easier,  we’ve also added some essential info like what’s the minimum amount you can have home-delivered, the delivery fee and exactly from where you can place the order. Let’s jump into it!

Top 10 Cake Delivery in Singapore list at a glance


  1. Whyzee
  2. Cat and The Fiddle
  3. Pâtisserie CLÉ
  4. Ugly Cake Shop
  5. Ciel Pâtisserie
  6. In The Brick Yard
  7. Posh
  8. Antoinette
  9. PS. Cafe
  10. Happy Oven


Whyzee Cake Delivery

Pink Ombre Rosette Cake - Whyzee Birthday Cake Delivery

Any list should begin with the best and when it comes to top cake delivery in Singapore, well, Whyzee tops the list. The effort and enthusiasm they put to become the best cake delivery service in Singapore are monumental. For instance, look at the URL you need to visit to order a cake from Whyzee, it’s www.cakedelivery.com.sg

They deliver freshly baked artisanal cakes islandwide on the same day. Whyzee has no minimum order, has some selected express cakes deliverable within 1 hour and when your order crosses $80 guess what,  you get the delivery for free! What more do you require to be the No.1 cake delivery in Singapore? Their premium quality, best-tasting cakes start from $30 and you have more than 50 different cake types to choose from. From their express delivery section, you can try Chocolate Desire Cake for $43.90 or Mango Mousse Cake for $39.90. They have several signature collections like Kit Kat M&M cake (starting from $61.90) Ombre Rosette Cake (starting from $62.90) which are worth trying as well. 

How can you order?

Visit www.cakedelivery.com.sg

Delivery charge
(Know about Whyzee’s Delivery Information in detail)

Free for orders above $80

Minimum order Limit


Other ways to get in touch

Whatsapp – 97732434  

Mail – whyzee.sg@gmail.com


Cat and The Fiddle

Cat and the Fiddle

The Halal cheesecakes producer Cat and the fiddle has created a buzz around for the cheesecake lovers. Do you fancy cheesecakes? Then there is no better place to be than Cat and The Fiddle. 

Though their outlets were closed during the pandemic situation, online and providing delivery services. There is no minimum order amount and, even though not as cheap as Whyzee,  they do offer free delivery if your order exceeds $90.

Cake and the fiddle offers a classic 7 inch cheesecake called Over The Moon for $38.90 only. Their local delights such as Milo Dinosaur is loved by many and can be pre-ordered for $42.90. 

How can you order?

Go to www.Catandthefiddle.com

Delivery charge
Visit www.catandthefiddle.com/delivery to know detailed deliver information)

Regular -$6.90 (Free for Orders above $90)

Flexi – $9.90  ($3.00 for Orders above $90)

Same Day – $13.90 ($7.00 for Orders above $90)

Minimum order Limit


Other ways to get in touch

They have a built-in Chatbox in their website


Pâtisserie CLÉ


In 29 Paya Lebar Road, near Paya Lebar Office Center we have the favourite

Patisserie CLE. This patisserie is operated by bakers Germaine Li and Joy Chiam and they have a wide range of cakes and pastries to offer.

Try their favourite Strawberry Tart for $40, Fraisier from $60, Marble cake for $25 and Cheesecakes from $60. In addition to the fact that they offer free delivery on orders over $80, they are open and taking orders 6 days a week is also worth mentioning.

How can you order?

Visit www.patisserie-cle.com

Delivery charge (Know their detailed Terms & Conditions www.patisserie-cle.com/terms-conditions/)

Free delivery above $80, depending on the place

Minimum order Limit


Other ways to get in touch

Contact number: 8127 3925

Emai:l order@patisserie-cle.com


Ugly Cake Shop

Big Daddy Super Chocolate yCake with Nutella & Valrhona - Ugly Cake Shop

Don’t get perplexed by the name, The Ugly Cake Shop is one of the best cake shops around. If you presume that the Ugly Cake Shop actually makes ugly cakes, you’re wrong. The name is explained by the authority, they value high-quality ingredients over flashy, unhealthy ones. For example, you’ll find reduced sugar content in all their baked goods. They also prefer buttercream to fondant.

This shop has various cakes and pastries to offer but they have a reputation for chocolate cakes. Whole Cakes (starting from $55), Special Dietary Requirements such as egg-free/dairy-free cakes (starting from$60) 

Cupcakes from $22.80 and Cookies, Brownies & Loaves from $20 are some top selling items from the Ugly Cake Shop

Their standard delivery charge is $20.50 which is often waived if you order goods over $300. They are open six days a week, Sunday is their resting day. 

How can you order?

See www.shop.uglycakeshop.sg

Delivery charge

$20.50 (often waived with orders over $300)

Minimum order Limit


Other ways to get in touch

Store no: 82288300


Ciel Pâtisserie

Ciel Patisserie has been amazing with their cakes, pastries and tarts for long now. A quiet neighbourhood like Hougang has helped them to stay around the corner and focus on client satisfaction.

They offer items priced as low as $4.50 (Lemon Meringue Tart). The Mon Chéri, their rendition of the famous black forest is a delight to have! This 64% chocolate mousse, kirsh infused morello cherry confit, kirsh chantilly, chocolate joconde, crispy feuilletine awesomeness is priced at $7.50 only. All of their cakes, cookies, tarts, gift boxes are value for money. They do not have any minimum order amount and deliver goods at your doorstep with a basic charge.

How can you order?

Browse www.ciel.oddle.me/en_SG

Delivery charge
Check their delivery terms www.ciel.oddle.me/en_SG/terms)

$20 (for Sentosa area $30), waived for orders above $300

Minimum order Limit


Other ways to get in touch

Phone: +65 63830803
Active on social media


In The Brickyard

Jia Min and Darren, the cute couple is the initiator of this “not so cakeshop-ish named” cake shop, In The Brick Yard. Situated at 11 Hamilton cafe, 11 Hamilton road, it offers delicious, delightful, locally inspired baked creations. 

Orh Nee cake, the Ondeh Ondeh cakes are two top-selles of the bakery. They are sold in slices, each of which costs $7.50. They do pick up & delivery of pre-ordered slices & whole cakes. However, they take a minimum order of $15 and their standard delivery fee starts at $4.

In The BrickYard opens their inventory 9 am each day. Due to a great deal of demand, they take orders up to 7 days in advance. However, you need to visit their website early in the morning to place an order of your own choice. This shop is open six days a week.

How can you order?

Browse www.inthebrickyard.com

Delivery charge

Starts from $4

Minimum order Limit


Other ways to get in touch

Phone: 8288 0402

Email: hello@inthebrickyard.com



If you know the name of the last queen of france (Marie Antoinette) and establish a connection between the two names, you’re absolutely correct! This restaurant-pâtisserie is named after her. 

The menu of Antoinette is filled with elegant bakes. There are Whole cakes and Petit cakes to begin with. Petit cake section is decorated with items like Kyoto (10$), Bananier (10$), Antoinette(12.20$) and Earl Grey d’Antoinette ($31.10). The whole cake section has some delicacies like Antoinette, fluffy, Velvet Rose or Charlotte IV ranging from $44.50 to $108.80.

They offer home delivery and are open 7 days a week.

How can you order?

Visit www.antoinette.oddle.me/en_SG

Delivery charge

Starts from $8

Minimum order Limit


Other ways to get in touch

Mail: sweets@sugardaddy.com.sg Call: 6293 3121



Posh is creating a fuss on the cake delivery system recently. They have several outlets all over the island and famous for cheesecakes and brownies. In the changed circumstances they have taken some necessary measures to maintain proper hygiene. All their products are packaged and sealed airtight before delivery and safely left outside your door or at the given address for contactless delivery.

They do not offer any free delivery up to order $250 and have a minimum order value of $30. They are open six days a week and closed on Sundays. You have to choose from specific available dates and time slots if you decide to shop from them.

How can you order?

Browse their website www.posh.sg

Delivery charge

(Visit this page www.posh.sg/customisation-delivery-policy to know their detailed delivery policy)

Orders less than $30 – delivery fee $15

Orders ranging from $30 to 250 – delivery fee $4.80

Orders above $250 – free delivery 

Minimum order Limit


Other ways to get in touch



(+65) 9007 0014


Facebook Messenger


P.S. Cafe

P.S. Cafe is not a typical cakeshop, in fact, it’s a proper cafe with items like burgers, pizzas, pasta, soups and salads. However, their dessert section is quite rich as well. You can find items like date pudding ($16.05) to indulgent stacks of Double Chocolate Blackout Cake ($17.12), Chocolate Nut Doorstop ($17.12), Ultimate Fudgy Brownie ($18.20) and M’s Carrot Cake ($13.38).

They offer island-wide delivery service at just $20. What’s more is, the delivery charge is cut off with deliveries above $150.

How can you order?

Visit www.pscafe.oddle.me/en_SG

Delivery charge

Regular fee $20, free with orders above $150

Minimum order Limit


Other ways to get in touch



Happy Oven

Last but not the least in our list is one of the few existing traditional bakeries. They are quite known for their ability to make traditional cakes and confectioneries. However, their product might the traditional, their delivery system is not! 

Happy Oven operates around the clock, from 5 am in the morning to 7:30 pm, every day, they have an exclusive range of fruity, savoury, and chocolate-based products, and you guessed it right, they offer modern delivery & self-collection services. 

Another selling point for them is they offer cakes as low as $0.80! They have a standard delivery charge of $20. Meanwhile, if your order is above $180, the delivery fee is waved.

How can you order?

Visit www.happyoven.com.sg

Delivery charge

(Here is details about Happy Oven’s delivery policy www.happyoven.com.sg/delivery)

$20 (Up to $180)
Orders above $180, free

Minimum order Limit


Other ways to get in touch

Call +65 6270 7411

Or leave a mail at  enquiry@happyoven.com.sg


The recent global pandemic situation has forced us to see the world from a different perspective. A typical walk in the park from the past has become like a fulfilment of a long cherished dream today, so is a gathering in a birthday party. Though it’s not wise to have a gathering at this situation, you can always order a cake online in Singapore and have the least of fun. Use the one you like on the list and don’t forget to share your experience with us! 

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