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When you think cake, you think of The Cake Shop. A go-to bakery for birthday cakes and cupcakes, a team of enthusiastic and devoted bakers formed the Cake Shop, and are committed to baking the most delicious cakes and pastries around. Using just the freshest ingredients that they can find, customers can be confident that you’re being served the highest quality cake that is sure to impress. In some well-known restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, hotels and bakeries, they have grown to become one of the premium manufacturers and wholesalers of cakes and pastries. They are one of the leading online stores in Singapore offering delivery of cakes and gifts within the country. Offering fair and affordable pricing and quality bakes, The Cake Shop has emerged as one of the go-to cake shops and cake delivery Singapore among many Singaporeans . 


Various Cake Options Available

Whether you’re looking for a birthday cake or just a cake to enjoy within your loved ones, The Cake Shop will definitely have anything you’re looking for. They offer a wide selection of cake options to pick from and there’s something for everyone. From fruit cakes, durian cakes, artisanal drip cakes or eggless cakes, the options are endless. They also have a bare cake option where you can select the unique design from their list and customise it if you would like. If not, they have already pre-made the order to make it more hassle-free for customers and they can just choose the design that they prefer from the site and that suits the occasion the most. 


Durian Cake

3D durian cake

To all durian lovers out there, are you on the hunt for a great durian cake? You can rest assured that The Cake Shop offers a selection of Durian treats that is sure to satisfy your durian craving. We know that durian is not for everyone, and when you’re a durian lover, you can only appreciate the best. The Cake Shop sells premium durian cakes for you to enjoy. Our personal favorites: MM01 Handcrafted 3D MSW Durian Cake, MM05 Premium MSW Cake and the MM07 MSW Charcoal Roll Cake. Keeping it simple, everyone loves a great Mao Shan Wang durian. The Cake Shop utilises the Mao Shan Wang durian to incorporate into their cakes. With 3 layer sponge and 2 layer durian cream, the MM05 Premium MSW Cake is something you durian fanatics do not want to skip on.  


Money Pull Cake

money pull cake

You may have seen these money pull cakes that have been going around social media and seem to be all the trend recently. The concept behind it is just clever because what’s something better than a sweet treat? Money on top of sweet treats. In this case, money inside sweet treats. You can choose to put a chain of money connected in the cake, and the recipient just has to pull out the money that is safely covered with plastic out of the cake. The only bad thing about it is there’s a maximum of 20 notes that you can fit in, but really, who’s going to complain? This cake available needs at least a minimum of 3 days for pre-orders so that they can cater to your needs accordingly. 


1 Hour Express Delivery

For those who seem to always be forgetting that special occasion, the great thing about The Cake Shop is that they offer a 1 hour express delivery option. Like the name suggests, you can choose the pre-made cakes available and get your cake delivered to your desired location within the hour. Just because it’s such a convenient availability, you may think that the options of cakes to choose from may be limited. At The Cake Shop, that’s not really the case. With numerous options of cakes to choose from, such as Coco Chocolate, Mighty Mango and Pastel Bliss. These are just some of our favorites but there are plenty more to choose from that not only look good, but tastes good as well. 


Special Bundles

If you want to add a little bit of extra to your celebration, The Cake Shop also offers special bundles that you can get alongside the cake. You can either go for a cake and cupcakes bundle or a cake and flowers bundle. For a consistent theme, their bundle offers both cupcakes and flowers that match the color of your cake. It not only looks good, but also adds a well-thought out element to your gift. With their cheapest cupcake and cake bundle at $78.90 and flower and cake bundle at $95.90, it’s a great deal for such an elaborate gift. 


Presentable Designs

designed cake

Whether you’re looking for an elegant and sophisticated looking cake for a wedding, or a themed cartoon cake for your kid’s 8th birthday celebration, the designs available at the Cake Shop ranges from one end to the other. Along with tasting good, they also pride themselves in their ability to have beautifully designed and presented cakes that are eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. 


Customer Service

The customer service at The Cake Shop is taken with utmost importance. They ensure that every customer’s needs are a top priority and their response time is generally quick within the hour. Customers with enquiries can choose to contact them either via hotline, whatsapp, or drop them an email at the email address provided above. They will definitely go above and beyond to ensure that they can cater to your needs and enquiries. 



The Cake Shop is open 24/7 for you to place an order for all your cake needs. For orders above $150, you will get complimentary delivery so that’s definitely a plus point. You will need to give them a call at their hotline number or drop a whatsapp to make your purchase. Note that one hour express delivery will have a surcharge value. 




  • JCube 2 Jurong East Central 1, #B1-07 Singapore 609731 
  • The Seletar Mall 33 Sengkang West Avenue, #02-13 Singapore 797653
  • KINEX Basement 1 (inside Eccellente) 11 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 473157

Telephone: +65 3157 0303 

Email: admin@thecakeshop.com.sg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecakeshopsg

Instagram: thecakeshopsg

Website: https://www.thecakeshop.com.sg/

Photo Credits: The Cake Shop 

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