Chateraise Cake Delivery Review

chateraise fresh cream cake

Chateraise Cake Delivery Review

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With over a whopping 500 stores opened in Japan, the hugely successful “Chateraise” patisserie finally made its way to Singapore, opening its first official store in Isetan, Jurong East on 1 April 2015. Via agricultural partnership with Japanese farmers and by emphasising on only using the best quality and healthiest ingredients in their bakes, they have managed to become a household name in Singapore. Directly from Japan, Singaporean fans are now able to enjoy their decadent treats available in so many different locations. 

With Christmas coming our way, you may be looking for the fan-favourite festive log cakes or just Christmas-themed cakes to celebrate the festive season. Look no further, because Chateraise’s Christmas collection for the year 2020 is sure to satisfy all your sweet cravings, and it definitely doesn’t hurt that they look awfully pretty as well.

Christmas Limited Edition 2020

chateraise christmas cakes

You can enjoy scrumptious Christmas comforts from Chateraise with their premium quality Christmas cakes. Pre-orders are already open and you may collect your cakes anytime from the 1st to the 25th of December. 

Whether you’re a cheesecake lover, chocolate cake lover or you prefer fruity cakes, their Christmas collection carries them all. Beautifully decked in Christmas cake decorations and followed the festive theme, their cakes are almost too pretty to eat. Our personal favourites would definitely be the “Red Nosed Reindeer” and the “Happy Snowman” bakes. The “Red Nosed Reindeer,” inspired by our dear friend Rudolph, is made with a base of white and dark chocolate cereal, and filled with chocolate fresh cream and fiantine, it looks divine. “Happy Snowman” just screams Christmas and would look great alongside your Christmas food feast. They’re both essentially the same type of bake but it’s an alternative option for people who prefer white chocolate cream. If you can’t decide, why not just go for both? They make for delicious sweet treats and would go so well with the Christmas theme. 

Chateraise also stepped up their log cake game this year because they all look so pleasing to the eye and are perfect to share over the festive season or even make great gifts. 

Quality and consistency

Chateraise uses only the finest quality of ingredients which is what makes their cake taste so delicious, fresh and consistent across all their bakes. Alongside the taste, their presentation for each individual cake is also commendable as they pay utmost attention to how their cakes look aesthetically. With their unique cake designs and quality taste, they’ve definitely managed to win over the hearts (and stomachs) of many.

Tochiotome Legendary Fresh Cream Cake

chateraise fresh cream cake

This one definitely lives up to its “legendary” name with its delicious goodness. Made with in season tochiotome strawberries, it makes the overall cake taste definitely fruitier. It’s a light and fresh cake, and the cake overall tasted very balanced with the fresh cream and not too sweet although it’s packed with strawberry jam. If you’re a sweet tooth and prefer the sweeter type of cakes, maybe skip this one, but if you prefer light tasting and fresh cakes, definitely don’t miss out on this. It’s not easy to make something simple this good, when you cannot depend on flavours, but only on the texture and consistency of flavours to elevate it. 

White Zebra Mille Crepe Cake

chateraise crepe cake

Voted as #1 in their store, we couldn’t possibly miss the opportunity to try this one. A soft, light, fluffy and affordable crepe cake, you don’t have to source anywhere else for the perfect crepe cake. The cake didn’t fall apart as most crepe cakes tend to do and remained neat and easy to eat. This one came with a sponge cake underneath. We enjoyed the thick, torched layer of caramel that sits atop the top layer of the Mille Crepe and the vanilla pastry cream was also aromatic and light, spread in between each layer while the sponge below was light and fluffy.

Special Strawberry Half & Half

chateraise half&half cake

If you can’t decide between chocolate strawberry or strawberry vanilla, why not have the best of both worlds? Chateraise offers a 2 in 1, half strawberry and half chocolate cake option where you can enjoy both flavours! It’s a revolutionary cake for the indecisive people out there (myself included). The fresh cream is so good, light and foamy that it almost just melts in your mouth. The sponge cake is so fluffy and soft and we couldn’t stop at just one bite. Try it, and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. 


If you’re in a dilemma because there’s just so many things you want to try at Chateraise, you can try their Baked Bundle set priced at a super affordable $22. A total of 12 items available, the Baked Bundle set includes: Financier, Madeleine, Chateau Raisin, Longevity Ring. Longevity Ring Sakura, Lemon Cake, Orange Cake, Dacquoise Matcha and a bun of Fried Cookie Dough. These are many of the recommended items from Chateraise so you can enjoy amongst a range of delicious bakes at a very good deal. They also have their famous chilled items in a set of 6 or a set of 10 for you to choose from.

Chilled Items

chateraise chilled items

Their chilled items, which contain little to no additives are definitely among the many highlights of Chateraise. Some of which include the Fresh Cream Dorayaki (shoutout to all the Doraemon fans out there), Eclair Chocolate, Mochi Cream Cakes and Fluffy Cream Rolls. If you’re craving for something light, creamy and sweet after a meal, their Double Fantasy Cream Puffs are also a big hit amongst many. Their Mochi Cream Cakes are also an adventure for your tastebuds, with the skin being so soft and chewy and the cream that just spills out, albeit it may be a little too sweet for some.

Gift Items

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, Chateraise also offers gift items. Their famous Langue De Chat Assortment of 33 pieces, seasonal rice crackers and assorted fruit jelly are available. Their pretty packaging makes them perfect to surprise that special someone. 

Chateraise is a great and affordable option for those who enjoy their sweet treats but don’t want to spend too much. With their consistent quality amongst all their bakes, they are definitely a run for your money and would satisfy any sweet tooth craving out there. Visit their many outlets available and you’ll be sure to go back for more. 



Photo Credits: Chateraise Singapore


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