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Four Leaves Pte Ltd started in 1981 and has since expanded with their various outlets all across Singapore. From their very first outlet at Nutmeg Road, they are now a household name and have launched their Central Factory and Singapore retail outlets.

There are many brand names under the Four Leaves brand, such as St Leaven, Epid’Or, Yamazaki and Country Brot Brot. With the name of Four Leaves Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Four Leaves has also extended to having a subsidiary in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Penang).

Through the incorporation of up-to-date Japanese technology, strict quality assurance and creative spirit, they have supplied a wide variety of bakery items and cakes that are loved by many Singaporeans alike. 

Special Occasions Cakes

If you’re looking for cakes for special occasions, they have a range of cakes specifically for just that. For those big on horoscopes, they even have cake designs specifically for the different months of the year. If you know of someone who is a strong horoscope believer, this would also be a perfect cake to show how much they mean to you. With 5 different choices, you can select the cake that you’d like best. Whether you’re a fruit cake or chocolate cake lover, you can pick and choose from the 5 options. For any occasion, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the perfect cake that anyone would enjoy. One of their signatures from the range include the Coco Exotic. 

Four Leaves Coco Exotic Cake

With fresh fruits, macarons, premium chocolate, hazelnut base, the 7 layers are layered with fresh chocolate cream. This is like a supersized version with more of that smooth, creamy hazelnut spread and more of that wafer crunch of Ferrero Rochers. Affordable and so tasty, what more can you ask for? Ferrero Rocher lovers would absolutely adore this. 

From the chocolate glaze and mousse, to the crunchy hazelnut flakes at the bottom, all the layers complement each other perfectly. The calories are definitely worth it because this cake is extremely decadent, convenient and a sure winner amongst your loved ones for your next celebration. 

Blueberry Yogurt Frost

Four Leaves Blueberry Yogurt Frost Cake

A concoction of healthy yogurt, blueberry yogurt mousse, and soft vanilla sponge makes the cake. For those who prefer light cakes, this is it. It is based with yogurt which makes the whole treat guilt-free, so you can devour it without feeling sinful. It is a pretty square purple cake and you can also get customised messages on it if you preorder. On top of the cake, the few blueberries and raspberries are very fresh and sweet, but could do with more. We would recommend eating it chilled. It is a whole lot healthier than cakes made with pure milk. There’s a base for a chiffon cake, and is also topped with some fruit decorations. Perfect for those who are more health-conscious but still enjoy the occasional treat or two. 

Quality and Consistency

Through the incorporation of Japanese technology and freshly sourced ingredients, the quality of each freshly baked cake is consistent amongst all their outlets. They also pay utmost attention to the presentation and execution of the cake to ensure that all of their baked goods look as good as they taste. To many, Four Leaves has turned to become a household name and for good reason. For years, they have managed to stay consistent with the taste and the designs keep getting more and more innovative. 


Four Leaves DoubleHeart Cake

Great as a showcase of your love, this DoubleHeart cake is a design that is well-loved by many. Not only is it really big in size (great for bigger parties), but it also tastes as good as it looks. If you like this specific design, you also get to choose between 4 options for the filling. 

Strawberry Shortcake

Filled with soft vanilla sponge, strawberry filling and fresh dairy cream. Vanilla sponge, completely moist, layered with fresh cream and sliced strawberries. We love the lightness of the sponge and cream and the strawberries are neither mushy or hard. It’s more on the sweeter side than the sour which is great for people who prefer the sweetness of strawberries. 

Almond Fruits Top

Filled with soft vanilla sponge, peach slices and fresh dairy cream. Calling all peach cake lovers, this one’s for you. Between the sponges, there is a generous serving of fresh peaches. The fruits on top are a blend of sweet and sour flavours that complement each other and give it a lovely nutty taste and crunch with the sliced toasted almonds. 

Blackforest Classic

Filled with chocolate sponge, dark cherries and chocolate cream. This one didn’t stand out too much for us as we’re picky with our chocolate cakes and there wasn’t anything very special to this particular cake. However, plus points for the smooth and velvety chocolate ganache that wasn’t too sweet.

Chocolate Classico

Made with premium belgium chocolate, ganache and soft chocolate sponge, this is a chocolate lover’s dream. The ganache was very rich and they were very generous with the layers. If you’re looking for a stripped back version of OG chocolate cake, this is it. It has a very familiar old-school neighborhood confectionery-style chocolate cake.

Light Cheeze Cake

Filled with soft vanilla sponge, succulent raisins and light cream cheese, Four Leaves cheesecake is to die for.  It was hardy ‘light’, but we’re not complaining. The combination of creamy cheesecake and airiness to it made it successfully achieve the melt-in-your-mouth texture. A second (or even more) serving is a definite guarantee. If you prefer the souffle-like cheesecake instead of the heavier kind, this one’s a sure winner. 

Cartoon Cakes

Four Leaves Cartoon Cake

For parents, choosing a cake for your kid’s birthday is super important. Four Leaves offers a cartoon cake range that is the perfect size, various different cartoons to choose from, and most importantly, tastes really good. From sailor bears, to soccer manias, there’s options for all kinds that kids will surely love. Likewise, you can choose the different flavours for the design of the cakes. 

For those who love their sweet treats but don’t want to spend too much, Four Leaves is a great and affordable option. With their consistent bakes and reliable customer service, they are a great option to get your cakes delivered. 



Photo Credits: Four Leaves

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