How to Make Birthday Celebrations Feel Extra Special at Home

In the midst of a pandemic, celebrating your birthday at home in Singapore is your best bet to keep yourself and your family safe. Or, in some cases, it may very well be your only option. But just because the festivities are happening at home doesn’t mean it can’t feel special or fun! If you’re planning a home birthday celebration for a loved one, read on to discover six ways to make your party as memorable and exciting as ever.

1. Decorate the House 

There’s no better way to get the whole house into a party mood than by decorating! Pull out all the stops — we’re talking Happy Birthday banners, streamers, and of course, balloons. Every birthday party needs balloons. Instead of the plain coloured ones you’d usually find in Singapore, why not level up and show your love with a customised balloon for the birthday boy or girl? You could get beautiful balloons personalised with a custom message, such as the birthday recipient’s name and age, and arrange for them to be delivered to your doorstep on the day of the party! 

2. Brighten Up the Atmosphere with Fresh Flowers 

Having a lovely bouquet of flowers atop the dining table is a great way to mark the special occasion. Not only that, they make for a fantastic birthday gift and will look good in photos as well. Spruce up the home with a burst of colour and the scent of fresh flowers — extra points if it’s the birthday celebrant’s favourite flowers. If they prefer preserved flowers, consider surprising them with a lovely preserved flower dome for them to admire and display! 

3. Get a Personalised Birthday Cake 

The centrepiece of any birthday celebration is the birthday cake. How else can you blow out the candles and make your special wish? Make the birthday girl or boy feel extra special with a stunning birthday cake in their favourite flavour, topped with a customised message! There’s no better time than now to splurge on a cake that’s out of this world, whether it’s a unique Unicorn cake like the one shown above, a Kit Kat M&M cake for candy lovers, or a drop-dead gorgeous Ombre Rosette cake.

Plus, if you don’t have the fridge space to keep a cake overnight, or if you urgently need a last-minute birthday cake (hey, it happens), you can always order a freshly baked one online and get it delivered to your home right in time for the party! 

4. Dress Up for the Occasion 

A birthday party at home in fancy attire? Now that’s a party to remember. It’s time to break out the pretty dresses and don a smart suit and tie. You could even come up with a party theme such as superhero, wild west, or pirates — kids are sure to love it! Top off your outfit with the classic party hat and you’re ready to go. 

5. Plan Fun Games and Activities

A birthday celebration at home is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with family members and close friends. Go old-school with Monopoly and Twister, or grab a controller and get wild in console games like Mario Party. You could plan a fun group activity such as a scavenger hunt or murder mystery game to get everyone involved too! 

6. Host a Zoom Party 

Maybe you can only invite a limited number of house guests, or perhaps some people can’t make it on the party date. No problem — you can always host a virtual celebration at home! With the power of video conferencing apps like Zoom, it is easy to bring the whole family or big friend groups together to wish the birthday celebrant a “Happy Birthday”. 

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