Simply Egg-scellent: How Eggless Cakes Can Still Be Moist & Delicious

Cutting into a cake can often be nerve-wracking for beginner bakers. The delicate balance of ingredient ratios, heat, and time all culminate in the tense moment of truth — whether the cake is fluffy, spongy, and perhaps most importantly, moist.

In the intricate science of baking, precision is of utmost importance, which is why eggless cakes might have a bad reputation in Singapore for lacking something that we see as integral to the cake-making process. For the most part, they are regarded as concessions — to accommodate for an egg allergy, or for a vegan or vegetarian diet. Sometimes we even expect that they might taste less than, or lack the properties that we feel make a good cake.

But the lack of eggs doesn’t mean that a cake is a shadow of its “true” form. An eggless cake can still be tasty, fluffy, spongy, light or dense, moist, and most of all, enjoyed by everyone!

The Role of Eggs in Baking

Eggs contain water, protein, and fat, all of which perform a number of different functions in the baking process. Protein, found in the egg white, gels up as it is heated, adding structure and strength to a cake. The yolks add richness, flavour and colour. The high water content helps with the leavening. Evaporating in the heat of the oven, the steam produced by the cooking eggs forms tiny air pockets, creating a smooth texture and fluffiness in a cake.

Eggless cakes do not lack these properties, and there are many ingredients that can be used to replace eggs in the equation. Keeping in mind what eggs bring to the table, here are some substitutes that can help a cake achieve its ideal moistness and texture!

Common Egg Substitutes

1. Mashed Banana

With its high water content, any eggless cake you make with mashed banana will be incredibly moist, not to mention incredibly delicious. It provides a lot of structure, producing a denser cake. It brings tons of flavour as well, so make sure to note how the banana might complement other ingredients!

2. Applesauce

A purée made from cooked apples, this too has a high water content. Proteins in the applesauce act as a binder in the cake, giving it structure and keeping your cake light and fluffy. Applesauce can also be flavoured with cinnamon or nutmeg — both delicious additions to a cake batter.

3. Yoghurt

Yoghurt adds enough protein to compensate for the egg whites, while also having enough fat content to add richness to the cake. Its high water content aids in the leavening process, producing a moist and light cake! Different types of yoghurt will also add different flavours. Greek yoghurt adds a tang, while vanilla yoghurt can be used to add sweetness. Try different ratios of yoghurt to find which recipe suits your taste!

Savour Delicious Eggless Cakes from Whyzee

No time to experiment? Whyzee has got you covered! Baked fresh daily, and with islandwide same-day delivery in Singapore, these cakes are eggless and ready within hours — guaranteed to bring joy to any celebration, or even just as a treat for your loved ones. Here are some choice mentions from our eggless cake range:

Our Triple Chocolate Banana Eggless Vegan Cake brings together two lovely flavours into this time-honoured combination. Rich and moist, it contains no animal products whatsoever, making it perfect for any who adhere to vegan or vegetarian diets.

On the other hand of the spectrum, we have the simple yet stylish Vanilla Fresh Cream Eggless Cake. Topped with strawberries for another layer of elegance, this cake looks like a white tie event and tastes like home. Light and airy,  this classy cake is perfect for any occasion, not to mention an aesthetic flat lay.

Looking for something different? The Eggless Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes are a wonderful way to bring some baked goodness to any party, or perhaps a picnic! Good things do come in small packages, and these cupcakes pack a punch — light and fluffy vanilla cupcake base and topped with a chocolate ganache frosting, combining two quintessential flavours in one.

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