6 Birthday Cakes That Will Make Your Kid’s Dreams Come True

Birthday parties are undoubtedly some of the best memories that a child can make. The warmth of being surrounded by friends and family, the excitement of having presents to open, and perhaps the crowning moment — that one-of-a-kind feeling of blowing out the candles of a delicious cake!

Certainly the pièce de résistance of any kid’s birthday party, looking for a birthday cake that will fulfill your young one’s wildest dreams is a daunting task. With all the hubbub of party planning, skip the hassle of baking or hopping from store to store trying to track down the perfect cake. From rainbows to unicorns, here are six fun and delicious cakes to add the cherry on top of your child’s birthday party!

1. Unicorn Cake

This rich, fluffy vanilla butter cake base is frosted with buttercream, making it a wonderfully classic cake, packaged in an adorable exterior! The pastel cascade of its mane is made of the same silky smooth buttercream, and makes this unicorn cake a wonderful centrepiece for any birthday. This lovely mythical creature is sure to wow both Instagram-savvy adults but, more importantly, any animal-loving child!

2. Kit Kat M&M Cake

Every child’s confectionery craving, but in cake form! With a choice of either a vanilla or chocolate sponge cake base, this scrumptious cake is layered in thick, rich buttercream, encrusted with Kit Kats and M&Ms, creating an excitingly colourful cake top. This cake is sure to be a hit with all the young ones, including those young at heart!

3. Bunny Cake

Perfect for your little aspiring zoologist or vet, the darling exterior of this bunny might make you think twice about cutting into it! This cute critter is available in two classic flavours: an elegant vanilla cake base with vanilla custard, or a decadent chocolate cake base with a fudge filling, speckled with crunchy chocolate bits. These classic flavours are sure to please everyone while making your little animal lover’s dreams come true.

4. Oreo Chocolate Cake

Us adults remember splitting cookies from the cream in our childhood days, but no longer! This Oreo Chocolate Cake is coated with smooth buttercream that is a blend of both cookie and cream, and the chocolate drip makes the whole affair look deliciously luxurious. Topped with whole Oreo cookies, this cookie-licious cake is sure to bring sheer joy to your little one!

5. Nutella Cake

Another classic childhood flavour, this Nutella cake is perfect for your chocolate-crazy youngster. The rich triple-layered chocolate cake is absolutely smothered with Nutella, with a fancy chocolate drizzle, piped Nutella, and hazelnuts adorning the top. If your young one has always been begging to lick the spoon, this Nutella cake is sure to make all their dreams come true.

6. Rainbow Layer Cake

This gorgeous cake speaks for itself! One of the most popular cakes with children, cutting into this pure white cake covered with smooth mascarpone cheese will reveal a colourful surprise. Trust us — uncovering the six layers of rainbow sponge cake will be an absolute delight with this masterpiece at the centre of your child’s birthday party.

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While planning parties in the “new normal” might feel different, that’s nothing that a gorgeous cake and these few simple tips can’t fix. With a dream cake, some decorations and customised balloons, your cosy little party will give your child warm memories to look back upon for many years to come. Browse our full range of birthday cakes and order online today!

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