Planning a Last-Minute Party? Here’s What You’ll Need to Do

In the midst of the pandemic, we might have gotten a little too used to Zoom meet-ups and virtual parties. This time around, however, the whole gang is vaccinated, and they’ve decided that they’re coming over to celebrate so-and-so’s birthday — tonight! There’s no time to waste, especially not with panicking! Here are some last-minute party planning tips to help you whip a party into shape, and leave you feeling in-control and confident.

Clean Up (Tactically)

With such short notice, the most important thing is to strategise. There’s no time to deep clean everything. Instead, focus on high traffic areas like the living room, dining room, the guest toilet, and possibly the kitchen. Close the doors to all the other rooms to signal that an area is out of bounds.

Pro tip: carry a box or a laundry basket around with you to pick up everything that’s not in its correct place. You can deal with this box of items after cleaning the common areas, or else just put it aside behind one of the closed doors to be dealt with after the party! As they say — out of sight, out of mind.

Raid the Pantry & Freezer

What’s a party without food? Anything that you can pop into the toaster, oven, or air fryer to serve to your waiting, hungry, guests, is the way to go. Head to the nearest supermarket for some universal favourites like nuggets, fish fingers, or seaweed chicken. Other finger foods like chips and crackers or perhaps even a simple veggie stick platter of carrots, celery, and cucumbers can be served with a variety of dips! Laying these out in bowls or on a large serving plate will immediately elevate your party, and make it look like you’ve been preparing for hours.

No time to pop down to the supermarket? Whyzee’s got you covered! Try ordering our freshly baked rich brownies or moist cupcakes as a party snack.

Put Up Simple Decorations

Now, for the atmosphere: for a cosy time, turn the ceiling lights down low and set up some candles. This gives your living and entertaining space a warm glow, with the added benefit of perfuming the area. You can also reuse fairy lights or holiday lighting decorations to add a bit of colour and festivity, perfect for celebrating a loved one! Get some music going, and voila! You have a veritable venue for a party. 

If running to the nearest party supply store for balloons is a hassle, why not order balloons online instead? Take your pick from pretty latex balloons and customised balloons to add a magical touch to your last-minute party. You could even get same-day balloon delivery to anywhere in Singapore within an hour — a lifesaver for decorating your home.

Break Out the Board Games

Having some activities lined up will make it seem like you’ve been planning for days! Board games are an easy way to involve everyone in the group. Uno and Taboo are family favourites, but some new and upcoming games include “Singaporean Dream” and “Chope! The Card Game”. If you have a video game console system, you can pick up a few inexpensive group party games (like Overcooked, Super Mario Party, or any of the Jackbox Party Packs) if you don’t already have them! And in the scenario that none of these games can be found, go traditional with pieces of paper and pencil, and try “Who Am I?” or charades.

Order an Express Cake, Balloon & Flower Delivery

Skip the hassle of searching for multiple vendors for decorations and cakes, and order one of our all-in-one cake, flower and balloon mega bundles to instantly spruce up your party. With a single order, you can get a bouquet, balloons, and a freshly baked cake, all customisable and conveniently delivered across Singapore within 1 hour! The flowers and balloons will add to the festive atmosphere, and both can be adorned with a heartfelt message from you to the special celebrant.

At the very centre of any birthday party there is, of course, the cake. We have a large variety of cakes to choose from, from Mango Mousse to Chocolate Truffle and Lavender Earl Grey, and the star of the party is bound to have a favourite from our delicious menu of top cake flavours.

These bundles can help relieve some of the stress of searching for a cake or balloons, and are sure to leave your party goers wowed by the skill of your last minute party-planning! From fast and urgent cake delivery to custom balloon decorations, find everything you need for a successful party right here at Whyzee.

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