5 Unique Cake Flavours to Spice Up Your Celebration

Are you bored of regular cake flavours like chocolate and black forest? Typical birthday cakes in Singapore too vanilla for you? It simply will not do to have a meticulously planned birthday surprise, only to cut into a boring cake. Cakes have been perfected into an art form in their own right, with all sorts of new flavours and ingredients entering the scene. Surprise and delight your loved ones with these unique and delicious cakes, and make the occasion a memorable one!

1. MSW Durian Cake

Missing durian season? This cake is perfect for all the durian lovers out there, but we must warn you: it is not for the faint of heart! The delicate vanilla sponge cake is layered with two thick layers of actual Mao Shan Wang Durian flesh, which packs a punch, both in the texture and the taste! The rich, fragrant durian is also incorporated into the flavourful frosting, which the whole cake is iced with. This rich cake is a wonderful surprise for any durian party, and is sure to impress your guests!

2. Honey Sweet Potato Latte Cake

For a bit more of a traditional flavour palette, try this Korean-inspired cake which features the Korean Sweet Potato, a common and well-loved Korean street food. The sweet potato gives the cake a more nostalgic, rich taste, while the honey and the light, airy sponge carry a fresh new twist to this classic treat. The combination of these sweet yet subtle flavours are packaged in an elegant and graceful cake of white and purple — a stylish set piece for the centre of any birthday or special occasion!

3. Pistachio Chocolate Cake

A fan of chocolate, but looking for a fresh and interesting twist? This chocolate pistachio cake is a three-layer masterpiece, bringing the oh-so-nutty and mellow flavour together with the classic chocolate. The moist chocolate cake is topped with luxurious layers of pistachio buttercream, and finished with a spread of delicious chocolate frosting and crunchy pistachio bits. This lovely combination of rich chocolate and the nutty, mild pistachio is a magnificent and mature melange of flavours that is sure to elevate any birthday party by bounds.

4. Yuzu Osmanthus Cake

Light and refreshing, this citrusy cake is perfect for anyone who likes a bright little twist in their cakes! This Japanese-inspired treat features the Yuzu fruit, which is a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine. The zest as well as the juice are incorporated into the cream — tart like a grapefruit, but with a sweet overtone similar to that of mandarin oranges.

The aromatic and mild sponge is coated with the zesty cream, which contrasts beautifully with the herbal and floral flavours of the osmanthus. This elegantly frosted cake is delicately decorated with dried osmanthus flowers, and is a truly graceful and chic centrepiece to any party.

5. Ondeh Ondeh Cake

A classic kueh treat familiar to Singaporeans, this cake is inspired by the traditional Malay dessert by the same name, and features the same delicious combination of pandan, gula melaka, and coconut. The airy and light pandan layers are slathered with a rich gula melaka cream and coconut, which gives each slice a wonderful combination of textures. The whole cake is flaked with fresh and juicy coconut shavings, a homage to the original sweet treat’s appearance.

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