5 Beautiful Cakes that are Almost Too Gorgeous to Eat

Many people will say that baking a cake is like science — the controlled measuring of ingredients, and specific conditions under which a cake can properly come to be is a large part of baking.

The other side of it, however, is all art. The tasteful combination of flavours, the form and shape of a cake, and not least of all, the decorations. A cake is the centrepiece of any party, and is often not just a feast for the tummy but also for the eyes! The aesthetics of a cake can make a delicious cake that much more satisfying, and is sure to impress your guests. Take a look at some of our most beautiful Insta-worthy cakes to wow the crowd at your next party in Singapore.

1. Rainbow Layer Cake

This hidden rainbow cake is an all-time favourite. The rich mascarpone cheese frosting first presents an elegant, simple cake. But cut a slice, and a captivating, colourful surprise is revealed!

It is a hit amongst adults and children alike — the wonderful array of colours is exciting for children to discover, and makes for a beautiful cross-section for the Instagrammers in the party. With six fluffy sponge cakes, layered with light whipped cream, this cake is a crowd-pleaser in both taste and looks. Have guests with egg allergies? Opt for our Rainbow Eggless Cake instead!

2. Ombre Rosette Cake

This drop-dead gorgeous cake lends a elegant touch to your celebrations. A cascading array of delicate cream roses cover layers of light vanilla sponge cake. Available in orange, purple, and blue, the rose-filled design features a beautiful gradient palette of pastel shades. This dreamy delight is sure to elevate the look of any party — from a sweet sixteen to a bridal shower!

3. Unicorn Cake

If you’re looking for something whimsical and cute, look no further than our unicorn cake! This cake is a masterpiece of baking and frosting, all made with a fluffy, rich vanilla butter cake base and smooth, luxurious buttercream.

A lovely mane made of a rich, buttercream cascade of pinks, purples and blues adorns our adorable bestseller. We guarantee that children and adults alike will be dazzled by this stunning work of art, so why not get a unique unicorn cake delivered to your door for your next birthday party?

4. Lemon Meringue Cake

If you or your party guests are fans of lemon meringue tarts, then our Lemon Meringue cake is sure to tantalise your tastebuds. This classy cake is an elegant centerpiece, in both looks and in taste.

Delicious lemon cake is layered with rich lemon custard before it is topped with signature creamy meringue, torched to a toasty perfection. This dignified combination of flavours is a classic, with a gorgeous golden-brown aesthetic that will fit into any fancy dinner party, adding a pinch of polish to your table.

5. Triple Chocolate Fudge Drip Cake

Something for the chocolate lovers — this posh-looking chocolate cake is anything but conventional! Think chocolate upon chocolate, as three layers of moist chocolate cake are layered between rich dark chocolate fudge and crunchy cocoa.

To top it all off, the entire cake is drenched in a premium chocolate ganache and six whole pieces of Ferrero Rochers. This chic chocolate cake will be the piece de resistance of your table and the talk of the party!

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