Crazy For Cocoa: 7 Mouth-Watering Cakes For Chocolate Lovers

Whether it is creamy, fruity, or cheesy, cake is a delightful and joyful experience. Chocolate cake, however, is an entirely different ball game. A thick slice of moist chocolate cake, slathered with a ganache or fudge is a culinary experience that is decadent and actually scientifically proven to improve mood — chocolate helps release happy hormones. We are here to present you with seven of Whyzee’s finest chocolate cakes that are perfect as unique birthday cakes or for any special occasion in Singapore!

1. Dark Chocolate Fudge Drip Cake

This cake is dripping with luxury. The fluffy and moist vanilla butter cake base is layered with rich chocolate and crunchy cocoa bits for that extra bit of texture. Covered completely with dark chocolate fudge, this cake resembles a typical birthday cake, but the added twist of dark chocolate elevates this cake to new heights — a little mature, a little sexy, and very indulgent.

2. Chocolate Praline Cake

Reeling back from the richness of the fudge, this cake is delicate and light. A simple chocolate sponge is paired with creamy chocolate mousse and topped off with a layer of chocolate glaze. Elegant and dignified, this cake has a secret — tucked in between its layers is a luxurious hazelnut wafer, balancing out the soft mousse with a bit of crunch in every bite!

3. Black Forest Cake

An absolute classic, the black forest cake needs no introduction. This famous recipe brings together two of its star ingredients in a beautiful partnership. Rich layers of chocolate cake are smothered with fluffy whipped cream and topped off with juicy cherries, which cut through the richness of the chocolate wonderfully.

These complementary flavours are one of the best combinations made with chocolate, and the popularity of the black forest cake is a testament to that genius.

4. Triple Chocolate Banana Eggless Vegan Cake

Another brilliant pairing is bananas and chocolate. This vegan cake uses this to its advantage — this cake has no butter, no milk, and no eggs. The banana is a perfect substitute for these ingredients, and it adds to the impeccable flavour profile of this triple chocolate cake. The moist banana chocolate cake base is frosted generously with pure chocolate, and fresh chunks of banana are scattered throughout the cake, making for lovely little surprises in each slice. It is also an excellent birthday cake to get if you have vegan guests!

5. D24 Durian Chocolate Fudge Cake

This combination might seem bizarre, but for durian and chocolate lovers, this unique cake is a match made in heaven. With pure D24 flesh layered between moist tiers of chocolate sponge, we use only the best and most authentic ingredients to fully showcase these fantastic flavours brought together. Topped with a chocolate ganache and shavings, this cake both looks and tastes rich. It’s truly a cake fit for a king!

6. Kit Kat M&M Cake

What is chocolate if not a little bit of fun? This cake is a pop of colour and would be a delight to have in any Instagram flat lay. With either vanilla or chocolate sponge base, this cake is slathered with rich and thick buttercream, decorated beautifully with a Kit Kat border and topped off with a deep pool of M&Ms. It is a perfect birthday cake for any chocolate lover — a magical melange of all their favourite sweet snacks.

7. Pistachio Chocolate Cake

Looking for something a little more classy? Our chocolate pistachio cake features another amazing pairing of flavours. The nutty pistachio and creamy chocolate work perfectly in tandem to create this three-layered masterpiece. The moist chocolate sponge is coated with luxurious layers of pistachio buttercream and topped off with a lovely spread of chocolate and chopped pistachios.

Indulge in the Best Chocolate Cakes in Singapore

Have we convinced you yet? That’s is not all we have — check out our chocolate cake range, with hidden gems like the Triple Dark Chocolate Fudge cake and Chocolate Truffle cake that we haven’t even begun to mention. These delicious treats are available within four hours of ordering, for same-day delivery right to your home in Singapore. Browse and shop beautiful freshly-baked cakes, perfect for any birthday, event or celebration of your resident chocolate-lover now.

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