5 Must-Haves at Any 21st Birthday Party

Celebrating one’s 21st birthday is something that most people spend years thinking about when they’re young and continue to hold the fondest of memories years after. The year in which many young ones officially become legal adults, this specific birthday celebration holds a lot of weight and significance.

However, planning your child’s or friend’s 21st birthday party can get overwhelming especially when you want the celebration to be as epic as possible. From ordering cakes to adding decorations to the venue, many things must be taken into consideration – so, where do you start? That’s why we at Whyzee have put together this piece, to share with you the 5 must-haves to make any birthday party an unforgettable one.

1. Photobooth

Memories are best kept in photographs. Celebrating someone’s 21st only happens once, so might as well capture each moment together with friends and family. As such, this special day should be filled with picture-taking opportunities that will serve as a reminder of how epic the birthday party was. 

With several photobooth rental services in Singapore, finding the best provider that suits your budget should be a breeze. Tight on time? Get creative and decorate your own DIY photobooth with props and decorative pieces like jellycats and fresh flowers.

2. Party Favours

No party is ever complete without guests. And to show your appreciation for their spontaneity, or simply for them taking the time to show up for the party, you might want to prepare simple party favours for them to take home. Rather than going for the old-school trick of throwing in a few candies and chocolates into a gift bag, why not treat them to something delicious they can enjoy at home? Satisfy their sweet tooth with melt-in-your-mouth brownies that are not only easy to take home but also gooey enough to satisfy any chocolate cravings. 

If your guests are bringing kids to the venue, party balloons also make great party favours for the little ones. Imagine the thrill in their eyes as they jump and reach high in an attempt to grab these helium balloons – pssst! with Whyzee, you can make arrangements for delivery of these helium balloons anywhere in Singapore.  

3. Decorations

While getting things together, decorating the place should be at the top of the list since the space will have to be a reflection of the occasion’s mood. Customised balloons, backdrops, and other types of decorations are thus a must. You might also want to decorate the table where the food will be set. In addition to all the tableware, opting for convenient packages like our mega cake, flower and balloon bundles can take a load off your shoulders.

4. Entertainment

What’s a party without any entertainment? After all, guests and friends are going to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion with you, so the party should be a fun one. Aside from having the room fully decorated with party balloons, be sure to pump up the music, and plan little games for your guests – no one is too old for a little game session. Better yet, you can also hire a DJ or a comedian depending on your budget. 

5. Drinks and Party Foods

Last but not least, the most essential part of every birthday party would be the food and drinks that all the guests can find delight in. While preparing actual meals for your guests is optional, having snacks like cupcakes and muffins to nibble on is a must. And at all costs, do not forget the ultimate centrepiece – the birthday cake! While there might be numerous birthday cakes readily available online, nothing beats the uniqueness of a customised cake. Pick something that will appeal to the birthday boy or girl. From a cute unicorn cake to a sophisticated orange passion cake, Whyzee lets you choose the cake base and filling for these cakes and make things more personalised with a short message iced onto the cake!  

Whyzee Has All Birthday Party Essentials Covered

You don’t have to think about where to find your sweet treats here in Singapore for your birthday, because here at Whyzee, we have the best-tasting birthday cakes that are made to delight your taste buds!

If you are looking for cute birthday cakes and flowers around Singapore that are ready for delivery, visit us online at Whyzee! We offer a wide range of customised cute cakes that will match your 21st birthday party’s theme with options like rainbow cakes and unicorn cakes that would delight every guest. Cut the hassle, browse online today and try our express cakes with last-minute, same-day delivery service!

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