5 Delicious Mooncakes to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival

There are many myths and stories behind the history of why we eat mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Regardless of which story you believe in, there’s one thing we can all agree on – mooncakes are a must-have for this annual event!

There are always new variations of these delightful treats popping up in Singapore, but you can never go wrong with classic fillings like white lotus, salted egg yolk and red bean. Wondering what type of mooncakes to share with loved ones this Mid-Autumn Festival? Wonder no more because Whyzee has got you covered with our 2022 mooncake collection!

1. Premium Japanese Uji Matcha Green Tea Mooncake

A Matcha mooncake? Yes please! Traditional mooncakes are given a modern spin with our Premium Japanese Uji Matcha Green Tea Mooncake. The fresh and natural Matcha flavour is brought out by the creamy white lotus paste. The green tea paste is even made with delightful top quality green tea leaves from Uji Japan to deliver the best Matcha flavour possible. 

Unlike other common varieties of mooncakes, our version is not too sweet making it perfect for those who are looking for something refreshing and light! In other words, it’s the perfect gift to bring home to your family this festive season.

2. Signature Pure White Lotus Mooncakes

The white lotus mooncake is one of the most famous Cantonese-style mooncakes that a lot of people enjoy and crave during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The natural flavour, aroma, and texture of white lotus seeds creates a rich and creamy paste that contrasts with its baked exterior – making it a popular choice for just about anyone. While many lotus paste mooncakes are known for their sweetness, our Signature Pure White Lotus Mooncakes is actually made with low sugar so more people can enjoy it. 

Whyzee’s own twist on this traditional classic comes stuffed with a creamy and smooth pure white lotus seed paste, creating a flavourful treat that is perfect for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Upon your first bite, you’ll taste an aromatic silky texture that melts in your mouth and is not overly sweet, which pairs perfectly with some tea!

Another similar traditional flavour is a white lotus mooncake with a salted egg yolk core. The lotus seed filling complements the salted egg yolk, creating the perfect balance of sweet and savoury. Whyzee’s best-tasting Signature Pure White Lotus Single Yolk Mooncakes and Signature Pure White Lotus Double Yolk Mooncakes are a must-try dessert for any fan of the classics.

3. Premium Japanese Pure Custard Mooncake

While traditional mooncake flavours are always a favourite during the Mid-Autumn Festival, many bakeries in Singapore also come out with unique and innovative flavours as a limited-edition treat. Here at Whyzee, our 2022 mooncake collection is designed to showcase some of your favourite Japanese flavours – just like with our Premium Japanese Pure Custard Mooncake!

These bite-sized treats are not only aesthetically stunning but also delightfully delicious, with a creamy custard filling enclosed in a chewy crust. Our mooncakes are perfectly moist and contain a unique blend of creamy Japanese custard paired with chewy crust for a delectable treat. This delightful dessert will definitely be a sweet treat to share with your family and friends.

4. Premium Japanese Black Sesame Mooncake

Another Japanese-inspired flavour from our 2022 mooncake collection is the Premium Japanese Pure Black Sesame Mooncake. Black sesame seeds and pastes have a stronger flavour than white sesame seeds. It still has a nutty flavour, but it’s much better with a slightly bitter flavour as well. Most black sesame paste is used as a flavouring in Asian cuisines made from ground black sesame seeds and mixed with either sesame oil or honey.

Our mooncakes are wrapped in a soft baked snow skin surface and have a savoury and nutty flavour. The mooncake’s crust is sweetened by the intense and rich black sesame flavour that will delight you in every bite this coming Mid-Autumn Festival.

Celebrate This Mid-Autumn Festival With Our Delicious Mooncakes

Planning to buy the best mooncakes available online in Singapore? Whyzee is your one-stop shop for all your Mid-Autumn party needs! On top of our limited-edition mooncake collection we also offer birthday cakes and other party essentials perfect for any celebration year-round. On top of that, we accept personalised orders and even deliver your sweet treats right to your doorstep! Get in touch with us to order your Mid-Autumn delights today!

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