5 Sweet Treats from Whyzee to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a time for family, friends, and of course, delicious food. As we transition into the Year of the Rabbit, what better way to celebrate the occasion than with decadent sweet treats? As much as it is customary to serve up mouth-watering desserts that are both traditional and modern, many tend to stick to traditional types like Fortune cookies or sesame seed balls to share with loved ones. But what if we told you that there is a range of unique and creative options that are just as delicious and sure to add some sweetness to your festivities? From cakes with local flavours like Ondeh Ondeh cakes to small cakes that can be shared and gifted to loved ones, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Check out our top 5 picks from Whyzee’s Chinese New Year dessert selection that are perfect for sharing or gobbling down on your own.

1. Ondeh Ondeh Cake

One of Singapore’s favourite desserts is now available in cake form! There is no denying that the Ondeh Ondeh is a popular treat in South East Asia, especially during Chinese New Year. Traditionally made from sticky glutinous rice dough, filled with gula melaka and rolled in freshly grated coconut, biting into one will bring all the nostalgic feels. But an emerging trend in the Singaporean dessert scene is indeed the festive-looking Ondeh Ondeh cake! Tasting as good as it looks, there is a long list of reasons why this unique dessert has been gaining massive popularity in recent years. For one, its classic flavour combination of pandan, coconut, and palm sugar makes for a sweet treat that no one can turn down.

At Whyzee, our Ondeh Ondeh cake is made with pandan sponge cake filled with gula melaka cream and rolled in grated coconut. This cake made with a traditional twist has all the flavours that the Ondeh Ondeh is known for, without any of the mess or fuss—and it also makes a great centrepiece for your dinner table!

2. Durian Cake

Durians are a staple in many Asian households, especially when they are in season. Well aware of the hype surrounding the king of fruits, Whyzee has taken it upon ourselves to create the ultimate cake — the Durian Cake. Whether you are a fan of the ever-popular Mao Shan Wang durians or the bitter-sweet flavours of the D24, our durian cakes feature a flavour combination that can’t be beaten. Be it the MSW Durian Cake or the D24 Durian Chocolate Fudge Cake, you’ll find pure, rich, and thick layers of durian flesh between the moist sponge cake.

3. Black Sesame Cake

Big fan of the sesame seed balls that are made of glutinous rice flour? If you are searching for a modern take on the ubiquitous treat that has everyone falling in love with its chewy consistency and palatable taste, look no further than our Black Sesame Cake. Rather than a chewy, deep-fried ball that will have you picking sesame seeds from your teeth, our cake stays true to the traditional nutty flavours with black sesame paste bits which adds that revered delicious crunch. For black sesame lovers, this cake is for you! 

4. Matcha Tart

Known to be one of the best superfoods offered by nature, matcha is said to heal and nourish the body. Capable of improving physical and mental well-being, there is no better way to uplift the spirit and bring the mind and body into harmony during Chinese New Year than with a dessert made with this wonderful tea. If you’d prefer serving small cakes during your celebration in Singapore, our Matcha Tart is one simple and elegant that you cannot go wrong with. Boasting a silky smooth and luxurious matcha filling, enjoy the festive celebrations without feeling the guilt.

5. Pineapple Tarts

No Chinese New Year gathering would be complete without these bite-sized tarts! Pineapple tarts are an all-time Singaporean favourite, with their buttery pastries filled with pineapple jam filling that makes everyone’s mouth water. Sweet yet slightly tart, they’re perfect for gifting or snacking on throughout the celebration! At Whyzee, we take these classic tarts to new heights with our unique flavours. From Cheese Pineapple Tarts that are simply cheezylicious to Salted Egg Pineapple Tarts that feature 100% natural salted egg yolks blended perfectly into the tender buttery crust, our pineapple tarts are all handcrafted and hand-rolled to bring you amazing masterpieces to enjoy this Lunar New Year.

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Whyzee

No matter what kind of sweet treat you’re looking for this Chinese New Year, there’s something in our collection for you! Whether you’re looking for something traditional or modern, we have a range of sweet treats to make your celebrations even more special. With options ranging from the bold Mala Pineapple Tarts and Charcoal Truffle Pineapple Tarts to fail-proof classics like chocolate banana cakes, we have them all. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our selection of Chinese New Year goodies that are sure to hit the spot and enjoy same-day islandwide delivery and free shipping for all orders above $100. Indulge yourself and your loved ones in some delicious sweet treats with Whyzee this Chinese New Year!

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