Say Cheese! Why Are Cheesecakes So Good?

Ever felt the satisfaction of using your spoon to crack the torched sugar on the crème brûlée? How about falling head over heels as you walk past a bakery that has just pulled out a batch of freshly baked chocolate cookies? We hear you — we’ve all been there before. But have you ever set eyes on the most creamy and delectable cheesecake glistening in glory?

Velvety smooth from every angle and accompanied by a rich buttery crust that is sure to tantalise your taste buds when you take a bite, cheesecakes have garnered millions of admirers worldwide, and are definitely famous in Singapore too. An adored treat that takes you on a gastronomic adventure without fail, the indulgent filling made from the finest cream cheese and sweetened perfection means that having a slice will leave you in a blissful state of euphoria. But its flavours that dance on your tongue are not one that is backed without a history that’s just as rich as itself. 

Who Made it First? The History of Cheesecakes

From classic cheesecakes to ones whipped to perfection with fruits, each cheesecake is undoubtedly a masterpiece of culinary art. Crafted in signature ways by master chefs all over the world, every forkful brings you to a new height of sensory delight. But when was the first cheesecake created, and by whom?

While many might assume that the cheesecake originated in New York due to the renowned New York Cheesecake, the truth of the matter is that this ultimate extravagance of lusciousness was enjoyed many centuries ago.

More than four thousand years ago, the ancient Greeks used to make cheesecakes with fresh cheese, wheat flour and honey. Baked to perfection in an earthenware griddle, the sumptuous cheesecake might not have been revered solely for its irresistible charm, as it is today, but was mainly considered to be a great source of energy. 

It was only later in the mediaeval ages in Europe that the cheesecake would later be transformed into the decadent delight that would be attached to emotions of intense enjoyment and appreciation. And with the introduction of the cream cheese, the Americanised version of the cheesecake burst onto the scene and took over the world in the 1930s — and the obsession over cheesecakes has never once faltered thereafter.

What Makes Cheesecakes So Addicting?

While it is a given that cheesecakes stray far from the traditional sponge cakes that are probably just as popular, some might be confused as to why it is one of the most favoured desserts of all time. After all, combining the worlds of cheeses and cakes might not seem as appetising at first glance.

But the reason why cheesecakes constantly remain to be a surefire hit amongst dessert lovers lies in their power to take you on a journey to the land of pure bliss. Available in countless varieties and flavours, you’re not stuck with the typical traditional cakes that only tend to come in classic flavours like vanilla and chocolate. From baked to no-bake varieties to those with fruit purees, your imagination is the only restriction. 

Must-Try Cheesecake Flavours 

As mentioned, there are virtually endless permutations of cheesecake flavours. And since it ain’t easy being cheesy, check out these must-try cheesecake flavours curated by Whyzee so that you can revel in the crumbly, finely crafted and velvety cheesecakes and finally understand what the rage is all about.

1. Can’t Go Wrong with Classics: New York Cheesecake

Classic New York Cheesecake Slice

Cheese lovers will surely go crazy over the Classic New York Cheesecake. A must-try for anyone looking to explore the world of cheesecakes, this rich, creamy and relatively dense cheesecake variety boasts a simplicity that remains unrivalled. A dessert that never goes out of style, be blown away by its perfected balance of sweet and tangy flavour profiles that are nestled within a buttery crust. 

2. Never Feel Blue: Blueberry Cheesecake

Blueberry Cheesecake Slice

Another variation that is a must-try is the Blueberry Cheesecake. Combining the creamy and rich flavours that the traditional cheesecake is well-known for with the sweet and tangy taste of blueberries, this is one cheesecake that will surely melt in your mouth. Bursting with flavour in every bite, its contrasting crunchy base adds to all the elements that deliver a delightful experience for the senses.

3. Good Ol’ Brew: Earl Grey Tea Cheesecake

Earl Grey Cheesecake Slice

Looking for a unique variation of the classic dessert? You can never go wrong with the Earl Grey Cheesecake. Featuring the delicate and aromatic notes of Earl Grey tea, this is one cheesecake that will sweep you off your feet with its sophisticated and distinctive taste. But that’s not all! Its subtle tea flavour is also complemented by hints of floral notes with every bite that lets you savour the delightful balance of sweet and earthy.

4. Fork It and Lick It: Oreo Cheesecake

Oreo Cheesecake Slice

While you might not be able to twist it, lick it or dunk it, another standout cheesecake variety is the Oreo Cheesecake. Associate its fame with online trends or with the globally loved cookie, the Oreo Cheesecake that Whyzee has made available on our online cake shop is one dessert that will leave you satisfied and wanting more. With a dense cheesy base that is accompanied by a superb crunch in every bite due to the broken bits of cookies that elevate the cheesecake game, every forkful will be a journey to dessert heaven.

Get Cheesy with Whyzee

The cheesecake’s creamy, rich flavour and velvety texture are irresistible and have made it a beloved dessert for generations. Available in a range of flavours like oreo and blueberry, many factors add to its already undeniable appeal.

If you’re looking to sink your teeth into a delicious and creamy cheesecake, look no further than Whyzee. Offering a range of the top cheesecakes on our online cake shop, we ensure that each bite is a heavenly experience, check out with your favourites and leverage our same-day cheesecake delivery so that you can treat yourself and your loved ones to the indulgence of our cheesecakes.

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