Ultimate Guide to Ordering a Customised Cake in Singapore

Ask anyone and they’ll agree that cakes are a staple at celebrations and special occasions, whether it be a milestone birthday or your anniversary. While there is no doubt that these types of celebrations call for something special, what better way to add more sweetness to the festivities and make everything all the more delightful and delicious than with a customised cake? Known to boast some of the most intricate designs and delicate decorations, a custom-made cake will surely be able to bring your celebrations to life while simultaneously standing in as the perfect centrepiece. 

But before the personalised cake can garner all the attention in the room, you’ll first need to order the cake. And to do so, there are several factors you will need to consider so that your customised cake can seamlessly bring joy, unrivalled flavour, and grandeur to the special occasion. To ensure that your customised cake brightens up the celebration and adds a personal touch, consider the following steps before ordering your cake:

1. Decide on the Ideal Cake Size

When ordering a customised cake, deciding on the size is the most crucial first step. A process that cannot be overlooked, deciding on the right cake size necessitates the proper consideration of the number of guests you are planning to invite to your event. To help you out, ask yourself questions about the event as a whole — how many people will be attending the event? Is the event a formal gathering or a casual get-together? Based on your answers to these questions, you will be able to decide on a cake size that is large enough to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Of course, one can never go wrong by getting a larger cake, because let’s be real — there can never be too much cake! Prefer something smaller that your guests can easily feast on worry-free? You can never go wrong with customised cupcakes

2. Set Your Heart on a Theme

Imagine this — you’re at a rock ‘n’ roll-themed party and there is a unicorn-themed rainbow tie-dye cake sitting at the centre of the dessert table amidst all the black decorations and metal music. That would certainly be unexpected, wouldn’t it?

When throwing a party, deciding on a theme is a must. Similarly, when it comes to getting your very own personalised cake, you’ll want to have a theme settled. Why? Because you will not want the customised cake that you’ve spent money on sticking out like a sore thumb. Since the theme of the custom-made cake should not merely play a decorative role but also perfectly complement the entire party atmosphere, the cake design should reflect the theme of the event to a tee. While you can definitely let your creative juices flow and think outside of the box when selecting a theme, just make sure that everything is in harmony with the main theme of your party.

3. Delight Your Guests with the Right Flavours

When ordering a unique and customised cake for a special occasion, any cake shop in Singapore will ask you to choose the flavour of the cake. Unlike other cakes that are pre-baked and showcased in refrigerators, customised cakes are baked according to your preferences — and this includes the flavour of everything from the cake base to the filling. While some party planners might get overwhelmed by the free reins to choose from the wealth of mouth-watering options, our best advice is to choose whatever your heart desires, while taking into account what flavours the cake shop is famous for. Any good cake shop will have a list of best-selling flavours — use that as your guide and come to a decision that both you and your guests will enjoy.

4. Work with the Best Cake Shop in Singapore

Ever heard of the quote “The best job goes to the person who can get it done without passing the buck or coming back with excuses”? 

To ensure that your customised cake truly ends up being one of the stars of the celebration, it is best to engage in the services of experienced cake shops which have made a name for themselves in terms of taking custom orders. To gain a better understanding of the cake shop you have your eyes on and whether they will be able to bring your visions to life, browse through their catalogue of personalised cakes and look through reviews left by previous customers. 

Make Your Cakes Personal with Whyzee

Whatever the celebration you’re planning on having, the above-mentioned tips will help ensure that you receive a customised cake that will have jaws drop. From deciding on the right flavour to setting your heart on a theme, paying attention to all the tiny details will make a world of a difference when it comes to designing a custom-made cake that truly captures the essence of the festivity. But, of course, you’ll have to work with a cake shop that takes customised cake orders! This is where Whyzee comes into the picture. 

With more than a hundred thousand happy customers and over a hundred different cake selections, our team running the online cake shop has the ability to create customised cakes that are literally the icing on the cake. Check out our range of customised cakes or reach out to us for more information on how you can make your next cake one-of-a-kind. We also offer doorstep delivery of all customised cakes, so get the perfect cake for your loved ones today!

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