4 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Surprise Her With

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, what better way to honour the woman who has played an invaluable role in your life than with a special and heartfelt gift? While there are many options to choose from, there’s nothing quite like a sweet and delicious treat to show your love and appreciation. And what’s better than a cake? Perhaps a cake with flowers? Here at Whyzee, we’ve compiled a list of four Mother’s Day gift ideas that will surely surprise and delight your mum. Whether she has a sweet tooth or prefers something more practical, we have a range of options to suit every taste and preference. And with our delivery services, you can easily place your orders online and send your mum her gift with ease, even if you can’t be there in person. So why not show your mum how much you care this Mother’s Day with one of our unique and thoughtful gift ideas?

1. A Bouquet of Flowers

Galaxy – Mini Bouquet Series Side

Flowers have long been a classic gift for Mother’s Day, and for a good reason. A timeless gift that’s sure to brighten up your mother’s day, nothing quite says “I love you” like a beautiful bouquet of colourful blooms. Not only do they look breathtaking, but they also carry a symbolic meaning that conveys your love and appreciation for your mum. At Whyzee, we offer a wide range of floral arrangements carefully crafted to embody the raw emotions of such a special day. From classic roses, as seen in our Red Romance – 16 Kenya Rose Bouquet, to colourful mixed bouquets like our Galaxy – Mini Bouquet Series, you will surely find the perfect arrangement to surprise your mum. Another way to make your gift extra special is to add a personal touch to your gift by including a heartfelt message on our complimentary message card. Moreover, our delivery services make it easy to send your gift directly to your mum’s doorstep, no matter where she is. 

2. A Preserved Flower Dome

Ice Princess Preserved Flower Dome

If you’re in search of a present for your mother that’s a bit more unique and lasting than a classic bouquet of flowers, we have an alternative that’s sure to make a statement — a Preserved Flower Dome. These stunning floral arrangements feature a selection of preserved flowers and foliage carefully arranged in a glass dome to create an elegant and eye-catching display that will last for months, even years. Each flower dome is meticulously crafted to showcase the beauty and elegance of nature in a way that is both stylish and timeless. Our Preserved Flower Domes also feature a variety of roses and colour schemes, from the delicate pastels of our Ice Princess – Preserved Flower Dome to the bold and vibrant hues of our Mystic Blue Preserved Flower Dome. This is truly a gift that is perfect for mothers who love nature but prefer to avoid traditional flower arrangements.

3. A Mouth-Watering Cake

Yam Red Bean Mille Crepe Cake

There is nothing quite like a mouth-watering cake to make any occasion special, and Mother’s Day is no exception. At Whyzee, we understand the importance of finding an ideal way to express your gratitude towards your mother, and that’s why we offer a delicious selection of cakes to make her day even sweeter. From classic flavours like our Burnt Cheesecake to more unique options like our Yam Red Bean Mille Crepe Cake, we have something in our Monthly Specials catalogue to suit every taste bud. Our cakes are baked using only the finest and most premium ingredients, ensuring that your mother gets the best quality cake on her special day. So why wait? Order a drool-worthy cake online now and make this Mother’s Day a memorable one for your beloved mother! You can even pair it with a bouquet of flowers to up the ante.

4. A Gift Card

If you’re unsure what to get your mother, gift cards are always a versatile choice. Though not as traditional as flowers or cake, it certainly offers flexibility and convenience. With a gift card, your mother can choose what she wants to purchase, making it an ideal present for those who have particular tastes or preferences. At Whyzee, we offer gift cards that can be redeemed for any of our products, including flowers, cakes, and preserved flower domes. This way, your mother can pick out the gift that speaks to her the most. Our gift cards can be purchased in various denominations to suit your budget and can be easily delivered to your mother’s doorstep, making it a hassle-free gifting option.

Spoil Your Mum with Whyzee

While it might be totally easy to fall back and turn to the classics when the time comes to buy the perfect Mother’s Day gifts, there are more gifts than the typical handwritten card or fancy box of tea. Whether you are looking for a romantic bouquet that will sweep your mum off her feet or a delicious cake that she’ll want to immediately sink her fork into, we at Whyzee offer a range of gift options for Mother’s Day

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our selection of Mother’s Day cakes online and more that are sure to make a lasting impression, and enjoy same-day delivery across Singapore and free shipping for all orders above $120. 

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