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5 Must-Haves at Any 21st Birthday Party

Celebrating one’s 21st birthday is something that most people spend years thinking about when they’re young and continue to hold the fondest of memories years after. The year in which many young ones officially become legal adults, this specific birthday celebration holds a lot of weight and significance. However, planning your child’s or friend’s 21st […]

Crazy For Cocoa: 7 Mouth-Watering Cakes For Chocolate Lovers

Whether it is creamy, fruity, or cheesy, cake is a delightful and joyful experience. Chocolate cake, however, is an entirely different ball game. A thick slice of moist chocolate cake, slathered with a ganache or fudge is a culinary experience that is decadent and actually scientifically proven to improve mood — chocolate helps release happy […]

5 Christmas Party Essentials For a Festive Bash

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Here in Singapore, a white Christmas might be too far-fetched of a dream to have, but your dream Christmas party, that’s perfectly within reach! Gear up this holiday season with these Christmas party must-haves! 1. Snacks & Drinks Autumn has its Pumpkin Spice Latte, but Christmas brings […]

Guide to Picking the Perfect Cake for Any Occasion

So you’ve got the menu, guest list, and little details of your party all settled — right down to the perfectly curated playlist. But any kind of celebration is incomplete without a cake as a centrepiece! Cakes have a wonderful way of brightening the room, bringing your friends and family together in a shared experience, […]

Planning a Last-Minute Party? Here’s What You’ll Need to Do

In the midst of the pandemic, we might have gotten a little too used to Zoom meet-ups and virtual parties. This time around, however, the whole gang is vaccinated, and they’ve decided that they’re coming over to celebrate so-and-so’s birthday — tonight! There’s no time to waste, especially not with panicking! Here are some last-minute […]

6 Birthday Cakes That Will Make Your Kid’s Dreams Come True

Birthday parties are undoubtedly some of the best memories that a child can make. The warmth of being surrounded by friends and family, the excitement of having presents to open, and perhaps the crowning moment — that one-of-a-kind feeling of blowing out the candles of a delicious cake! Certainly the pièce de résistance of any […]

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