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Searching for the richest and creamiest cheesecakes in Singapore? Look no further!  Grab the mouthwatering cheesecakes from Whyzee! The dreamy creamy texture and the crazy good flavor is enough to get completely blown away! From the first bite to the last, cheesecakes from Whyzee is ready to give you the best taste ever. What’s even better? Get your cheesecakes right at your doorstep by using the Best Online Cake Delivery network in Singapore. So, what’s the delay? Order now!


Birthday Cakes

Oreo Cheesecake

$71.90 $61.90

Birthday Cakes

Speculoos Cheesecake

$79.90 $66.90

What’s So Special About Whyzee’s Cheesecakes?
Whyzee’s unique cheesecakes have a creamy, satiny texture with rich cheese flavor and light sourness. The signature cheesecakes are made with cream cheese, eggs, egg yolks and heavy or sour cream as necessary. Eggless cheesecakes are an exception where eggs are not used. To add richness and a smooth consistency, all cheesecakes are very carefully made. As a result, all cheesecakes stay creamy inside while having a beautifully furnished texture outside, delivering delight in every bite!

Wide Variety of Cheesecake Collections
Which one is your favourite? Chocolate, Oreo or a classic New York Cheesecake? Maybe you’re allergic to eggs and prefer an Eggless Cheesecake? Or, you simply want to try something new like the Japanese Cotton Cheesecake. Whatever your choice it is, Whyzee has got all covered with its wide array of Cheesecake Collection. Decide the best one suiting your mood, order online & enjoy!

Free Delivery Service
Whyzee is the ultimate solution for your fastest cake delivery in Singapore. The best thing about ordering a cheesecake here is its strong, nationwide cake delivery system. And guess what, just order a cake worth of $100 and there is no delivery charge at all! So, order now and get your favourite cake delivered for free! We also got you covered for any emergencies. Just let us know via any of the communication methods available and we will be present at your place with your favourite cake in hand!

Preservative-less, Nutrient Rich Cheesecakes
All of our cheesecakes are entirely free of preservatives. In reality, as we never store our cakes for more than a day, we do not actually need any chemicals or preservatives! Whyzee has the best free-of-preservatives, fresh cheesecakes available in Singapore. Additionally, we prepare our cheesecakes from top quality ingredients. All of the collected items go through clinical inspections and only the filtered & handpicked ones are used. This ensures the nutrient richness of our cheesecakes. Premium is the least quality Whyzee provides to its customers.

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