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Where to get the best Swiss Rolls in Singapore? The answer is quite simple, here!

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Premium collection of appetizing Swiss Rolls
Where to get the best Swiss Rolls in Singapore? The answer is quite simple, here! Let us introduce you to the vast collection of fluffy, fruity and creamy Swiss Rolls. These are perfect for any family gatherings, birthdays or as a special dessert after dinner. Our Swiss Roll is not just any cake, it’s a combination of nutrition and happiness rolled up with a minimum price that you can afford easily. Moreover, the last minute cake delivery system that Whyzee has built, makes your life even easier. So, order now, because our Swiss rolls are definitely a worthy party piece!

What special Swiss Rolls are we offering?
When you think about Swiss Rolls, the first thing that passes through your mind is “Flavour”. Well, Whyzee is offering Coffee, Chocolate, Strawberries and whatnot! Then again, don’t just get bored with regular flavors. We’ve got our Hype-est flavor as we speak; Coconut flavored Ondeh Ondeh and Rainbow Swiss Rolls to amuse children or the adults. We also got some Red Velvet Cream Cheese Swiss Roll that might please your parents as well. All of these are freshly baked and will be delivered to your doorstep right after you order.

Pre-eminent quality cakes in Singapore
Each and every product Whyzee offer has to pass through various quality inspections. We give our best efforts just to make sure the best quality cakes are delivered to our customers. We never compromise on the quality of any products. Honesty, as well as dedication towards customers, is our strength and your satisfaction is the only thing that we want to insure. Whyzee, being the best online cake delivery in Singapore offers fresh, nutritious and cost-effective Swiss Rolls so that you can enjoy our crowd-pleasing desserts on special occasions without worrying about your pocket too much!

Your Last-Minute Friend!
All prepared for a party or family get together but totally forgot about the desert? No need to panic, enjoy your party! Because, Whyzee is here to help. Just select your desired Swiss Rolls and let us know when you need it. We will be there as early as the same day if you want. We will provide not only quick service but also a Free delivery if you order a minimum of $80. So go ahead and fill up your party with the choice of your cake!

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